Watch a film shot entirely on a DJI drone

Think you can shoot a film entirely with a drone? That means not just an entire film of epic aerial shots. It means close-ups of the actors and indoor scenes too.

DJI proved they could do it, using nothing but the recently launched, $2,999 Inspire 2 drone.

DJI released “The Circle,” a 14-minute short film starring Ryan Phillippe and Noah Schnapp (Will Byers from Stranger Things) as an estranged father and son (respectively) in Depression-era America.

The Circle was shot entirely on the Inspire 2, using the drone’s X5R camera for every shot in the film. It was created by  Academy Award-winning cinematographer Claudio Miranda, known for his work on “Life of Pi,” “Oblivion,” and “Tron.”screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-10-03-14-pm

“The advantage is obvious on smaller projects when you can’t afford cranes and all of the technicians that come along with it,” said Executive Producer Dana Brunetti.

Watch it here:

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DJI Mavic Pro review: everything a perfect drone should be

I must make a confession: I don’t fly drones nearly as often as someone nicknamed “The Drone Girl” should. Here’s the reason why: they are just too obtrusive to incorporate into daily life.

Want to take it on vacation? That’s an extra suitcase you’ll have to pack.

Want to go backpacking? You’re not going to want an entirely separate backpack to haul your drone as you’re scaling Half Dome.

Want a drone to follow you during your long walks on the beach? A massive drone carrying case is going to make it significantly less romantic.

Finally, the $999 DJI Mavic Pro is the perfect solution. It’s everything a drone should be. It’s high quality aerial video, in a small package that will have you wanting to bring it everywhere you go. Continue reading DJI Mavic Pro review: everything a perfect drone should be

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The best drone films of 2016 — according to FRiFF

2016 saw plenty of developments in the drone industry — sense and avoid in consumer-level drones, better cameras for a lower price, and all around crazy low prices for drones.

Because of that, drones are easier than ever to access, which also means that the standards for drone photography and videography are higher. It’s not enough to send a drone in the air and get a cool shot just because it’s an aerial shot.

Now films need to have some type of story — and incredible aerial visuals.

This year’s Flying Robot international Drone Film Festival showcased exactly that. The 2nd annual FRiFFest in San Francisco, happened earlier this month at the Roxie Theater in the city’s Mission District. The festival received 180 submissions from 40 countries. Across 8 categories,  25 films were showcased at the festival.

I thought The Drone, which one best cinematic narrative, was absolutely brilliant and hilarious. Moon Line, which won in multiple categories, had me wondering the whole time, ‘how’d they do that?’

For some inspiration for your own drone videography, check out these winners (and for those of you who couldn’t watch the show in-person, you can watch all the winning videos below too):

Best in Show: Moon Line, Frédéric Rousseau [France]

Cinematic Narrative: The Drone, Jordan Rubin [USA]

Epic Landscape: Drone Poem: Always Take The Window Seat, Alexander Hotz [USA] Continue reading The best drone films of 2016 — according to FRiFF

Happy Dronesgiving from The Drone Girl

Happy Dronesgiving to my wonderful Dronie Family! It’s been a joy and a blessing to be a part of this evolving community with you!

I’ll be spending my Thanksgiving eating some greens, mac and cheese and a protein shake in there too — I’m vegetarian!

And while droning is not in the plans today — I’ll definitely get some droning in this weekend — and a DJI Mavic Pro has just arrived for me to test out so look for that soon!

In the meantime, if you haven’t started cooking yet, check out this guide to cooking Thanksgiving with a drone, made by the brilliant folks over at Autel. The video features the Autel X-Star premium, one of my favorite drones out there — and now on sale for just $678 right here.

Remember — don’t try this at home!

Black Friday drone deals guide — save on DJI, Yuneec and more!

Shopping for a drone (or drone-related deals) on Black Friday? Here’s your Black Friday drone deals guide. Some of the deals are offered even earlier (like, right now!). Check it out:
*Note, if you are reading this story before Friday, some of the links will not reflect the Black Friday prices until then.*drones cost under $200
DJI’s Black Friday deals will be available on Friday, Nov. 25 on DJI’s own online store, at authorized DJI dealers and in the Shenzhen, Seoul and Hong Kong DJI Flagship Stores.
  1. Phantom 4 ($999 – reduced from $1,199): Remember it’s original price at $1,399? Wow! *Drone Girl top deal pick*
  2. Phantom 3 Professional ($799 – reduced from $999)
  3. Phantom 3 Standard ($399 – reduced from $499): Yes! A drone under $400! *Drone Girl top deal pick*
b&h drone black friday deals
Here are some of B&H’s deals for drones on Black Friday!


B&H has all kinds of drone deals! I love B&H because they offer free standard shipping. Why pay for Amazon Prime when you can order from B&H and get shipping free? Don’t wait until Black Friday either. B&H’s deals are available now!
  1. DJI Phantom 3 Standard PLUS Extra Battery ($449 – reduced from $499): At $449, the Phantom 3 Standard is $50 more than what you would get from DJI’s site if you were to purchase it through B&H. However, here’s why B&H is actually a better deal! B&H gives all customers of its Phantom 3 Standard an extra battery. Considering the battery costs $149 (and believe me, you’ll want to buy another one), the B&H deal is a steal. *Drone Girl top deal pick*
  2. Parrot Disco FPV ($999 – reduced from $1,299)
  3. Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter with CGO3+ 4K Camera ($999 – reduced from $1,299)
  4. Yuneec Breeze 4K Quadcopter ($399 – reduced from $499)
  1. Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter with CG3+ 4K Camera ($949.99 – reduced from $1,299) *Drone Girl top deal pick*
  2. DJI Phantom 4 ($1,069 – reduced from $1,199)

dart drones black friday coupon code

  1. DARTdrones is offering 25% off all its courses purchased before Friday, Nov. 25. Use coupon code DroneGirl25 to get the discount!
  2. Drone Launch Academy is offering 50% off its courses through Monday, 11/28 with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY50, bringing the $249 Part 107 Prep Course to just $125.
Happy flying, and happy shopping!

Win a DJI Mavic — just make a simple map with Skycatch to enter

Looking for something to do on this long, holiday weekend? Even better…looking for a way to get your hands on your own DJI Mavic for free?

Skycatch is hosting a contest to win a DJI Mavic and a 1-year Skycatch Pro Plan subscription. 2 winners will be chosen from Facebook and Twitter.

How it works:
  1. Use any drone to make a map with Skycatch and share your map.
  2. To enter on Facebook: Like the Map With DJI Facebook page and post your map’s public link on the page in the visitor’s section
  3. To enter on Twitter: Follow Map With DJI on Twitter and tweet your map’s public link including #mapwithdji
  4. Visit this page to get more details and create your free account.
Flying a DJI with your iOS device? Check out my tutorial to learn how to map with the free Skycatch flight app.

The contest is running until Nov. 29 so start mapping!

International Drone Expo coming soon — with something for everyone

Looking for a vibrant drone event in Los Angeles? The International Drone Expo is coming to the Los Angeles Convention Center in about two weeks.

It’s different than most of the drone shows out there — there’s going to be something for everyone. Here are the 5 things I’m most looking forward to.

5. LEGO Drone build: Because who doesn’t want to build their own drone with LEGOs?

4.The Best Gig in Town; Film, Television and Entertainment: This is one of the panels I’m looking forward to most. We’re in Los Angeles, so it only makes sense that we hear how the local pros are using drones! Continue reading International Drone Expo coming soon — with something for everyone

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