17 reasons why drones will change your life

17. PIZZA.  Delivery of pizza. Literally flying right into your hands. Like, Domino’s is testing pizza delivery with a drone.

16. Baywatch, turned robot. Replace your lifeguard with a drone. That’s right — GPS-enabled drones can help someone drowning by dropping floatation devices.

15. More wine, better wine. Viticulturists could fly drones over vineyards and spot differences in rows, allowing them to know where to irrigate, inspect or harvest. That’s not something anyone can whine about.

14.  Keeping the doctors away, with more apples everyday! That’s because researchers are using multispectral aerial images of orchards to hone in on colors and temperatures to locate a fungus, known as the apple scab. This is putting more apples into your hands.

13. Or, bringing doctors to you! Matternet is using drones to ferry medical supplies to hard-to-reach regions of the earth. One of their missions flew medical supplies into a camp housing survivors of Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake.

12. Advertising, Star Trek no less. A swarm of drones formed the Starflight insignia in the skies of London to promote the film.

11. Solving murder mysteries. And not for sci-fi movies either. Canadian police used aerial images to document and recreate a crime scene.

10. Nonchalantly guide you around MIT’s campus.  Following this drone to MIT’s lab is mildly creepy, exceptionally cool.

9. Collecting whale snot. Why does one need whale snot, you ask? To catch DNA samples, and continue living in a world where whales swim freely and healthfully!

8. A teaching tool for all sorts of things – construction, soldering, photography and flying. Taking Autism to the Sky uses hexarotors to teach those skills to young people with autism.

7. Sweet videos.  Explore the world as you never have before with a bird’s eye view. Team BlackSheep and Drone Dudes seem to be the leaders in top aerial photography.

6. Awesome pool parties. Well, the parties are the same. The post-party Facebook pictures are more awesome.

pool party drone

5. Journalism. Aerial images can give audiences a different perspective and serve as a new storytelling platform, joining the ranks of text, still photography, video or social media. An NPR-affiliate was among the first news outlets to report using a drone, like when they aired footage of a prairie fire.

4. Fighting against rhino poaching. Airware’s platforms have been used in Kenya to monitor wildlife in an effort to protect endangered rhinos.

3. Selfies on selfies on selfies. Wired is certain drones will become just as ubiquitous as Snapchat when it comes to selfies.

2. Real-life ghosts. Someone turned their copter into a ghost. Quite possibly scarier than the real deal.

1. Tacocopter. Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t. It’s a drone that drops tacos. It’s either incredibly useful or incredibly useless. But it will change your life, because tacos. Tacos change your life.

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