There’s an iPhone app to manage your flight logs


Mobile application Hover has been on the scene since 2014 as a “one-stop shop” drone application on the iTunes and Android app store.’

Now it’s got an update: flight logs.

“The new flight log feature automatically pulls data from your phone like location, time, and weather data,” according to a news release. “The pilot simply enters the location name, other technical flight details, and then the log is saved locally and e-mailed to the user.”

Previous versions of the free app also feature a flight readiness dashboard, real-time weather, an aggregated news feed and a no-fly zone feature.

“It’s the one stop solution for drone hobbyists,” co-founder Dan Held said.

Users can contribute data of where no-fly zones are located. The open-source data pulls information from the FAA, National Parks and the U.S. Military.

screens“This is the solution for the White House incident,” Held said. “Our app helps people find areas that are safe to fly in.”

The app was developed by Analytica, a San Francisco-based software development company  that focuses on mobile products for niche markets.

And while drones may be a niche market for now, they may not be for long.

“We want to target the enthusiasts now, because the future entrepreneurs are going to be them,” Held said.

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