Fortune Magazine ranks Drone Girl as one of the top influential women in drones

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It’s an honor to be ranked among Fortune Magazine‘s four most influential women in drones.

Here’s an excerpt from their interview with me. Read the entire thing here.

“While more men have engineering degrees, that doesn’t mean that women aren’t capable of working at a drone company,” she says. “There are so many other uses for drones.”

On, French is spending this year highlighting the industry’s female trailblazers and continuing to call out drone companies and organizations for sexist behavior. Exhibit A: using scantily-clad women to work the booths at drone conferences and having women in bikinis shill drones in video ads. “That sends the wrong message to a girl who wants to get involved with drones, telling her that they don’t see her as a pilot, but rather some girl who can make this room seem sexy,” says French.

Her real mission, though, is to preach the gospel of drones. “I really just want to tell readers the story that drones, though they often have a negative connotation, do serve a good purpose!”

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