“Air traffic control for drones” company Skyward brings top FAA drone guy on board

Jim Williams

Jim Williams

Portland-based Skyward, which is working to create an “air traffic control for drones” type platform, named Jim Williams, former manager of the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Office to its advisory board.

Williams, who retired from his post at the FAA in June of this year, was well-liked among the greater drone community, which has otherwise expressed frustration as the FAA continues to miss deadlines around regulating drones.

“There can be no doubt that Jim has moved the dialogue forward during his time at the UASIO and has shown he is willing to listen,” according to a post on SUAS news.

And it’s likely to mean good things for Skyward, which is trying to position itself as the platform for drone pilots to track airspace data needed for business, insurance or regulatory requirements, with eyes set on big name clients such as Google, Amazon and NASA.

Williams may be that hurdle in propelling Skyward to the forefront of discussion around drone traffic control.

“Jim’s experience across aviation agencies brings a new depth to our advisory board,” said Jonathan Evans, Skyward CEO, in a prepared statement. “His insight into the way the infrastructure of aviation works today and how drone integration will work moving forward is fundamental to providing the best information management solutions to our customers.”

Williams has an extensive background in both manned and unmanned aircraft, having led the engineering team in the FAA’s NextGen Organization before joining the UAS Integration Office in 2012. He also worked in the Atlanta Aircraft Certification Office, at Lockheed-Georgia Company and at NASA.

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