6 common misconceptions about Amazon drones, debunked

MW-EA279_amazon_20151201174438_ZHThis is an excerpt of a piece originally written for Marketwatch.com. Read the entire story here.

Here are the 6 most common myths about Amazon drones, and why they aren’t true.

1. Amazon drones can’t carry heavy packages, so what’s the point?

Amazon drones are currently advertised as being able to carry packages up to five pounds, so it’s true that the current drones being tested can’t carry much weight.

But 86% of the items that Amazon delivers weigh less than five pounds, Jeff Bezos said in a 2013 interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes”.

Drone delivery has never been touted as the service to deliver a television or a piece of furniture; instead it’s being thought of as the “anti-Costco” — a service to bring you individual items that you might need right away. The package being delivered in the Amazon video is exactly that: a pair of soccer shoes.

2. Drones are targets for thieves.

Could thieves steal packages delivered by drone right off your front porch? Yes. They could also steal packages delivered by truck right off your front porch.

Package theft is surely a problem for drones, but it’s not a problem unique to drones. A whopping 23 million Americans alive today have had packages stolen from their doorsteps in their lifetime, according to insuranceQuotes.com. But package theft is common enough today that retailers factor the cost of replacing those goods into the purchase price.

Read the entire story here.

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