Here’s the latest development in the DJI developer challenge

DJI, Ford and the United Nations Development Program want you to build the next application system for search and rescue drones. The three entities are partnering up to create the 2016 DJI Developer Challenge, and at stake is an $100,000 prize.

The challenge has just advanced to its second stage, as 25 developer teams moved to the second round of competition. A record 130 proposals were submitted for the challenge, and just the top approximately 20% were chosen to move forward.

The teams are:

  • AeroTech
  • Ag-Vision
  • Autero
  • Cardinal S.A.R.
  • Dorabo
  • Georgia Tech Aerial Robotics Club
  • Graz Griffins
  • HITCSC Team
  • MachInsight (机器慧眼)
  • Max Schwartz
  • QDrone
  • Rotor Air Cam
  • SaveApril
  • SenseLAB
  • SEU Drone
  • TeamHKU
  • UAV.Research@Luxembourg
  • UAVision EAVISE
  • SuperEagles (赛鹰)
  • DJI-hawkeye Team (王超群)
  • SHIJIU Team (武汉大学狮鹫队)

What’s next? The teams will be given DJI hardware and software to begin turning their ideas into reality through further challenges. In late April, 15 teams will be chosen for a third round of further development. 10 finalist teams will be chosen in July, and will put their ideas into action at a simulated disaster site in the Bay Area during the last round in August.

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