Meet Drone Girl’s first-ever intern!

I’m so excited to announce that Drone Girl has its first-ever intern! Meet Vivien Nguyen, who will join the team this summer and who expects to work on a redesign of the site layout, designing new merchandise, and maybe some other projects coming soon!

Vivien caught my eye after successfully launching her own business back in 2013 (just after Drone Girl launched),  an Etsy shop for buttons and other crafty gifts. She’s also an excellent student, and has some diverse interests including Netflix, coffee and calculus.

DSC_0091Drone Girl: Where do you go to school?
Vivien Nguyen: I am a rising sophomore at UC Berkeley! Insert obligatory “Go Bears!”.
DG: What do you plan to major in?
VN: I’m an intended CS major but would also like to spend sometime studying art or architecture if possible.
DG: What is the one thing you would most like to see in the future regarding drones?

VN: More education for the public. I think drones can be truly amazing and have a lot of potential to help people and do good in the world, but most people (probably myself included) only have a hazy perception of what a drone even is. I am in general a big fan of popular science and promoting science/tech literacy!
DG: What is your favorite robot?
VN: Does BB-8 count? If not, I am a big fan of MIT’s cheetah robot. Or mini-quadcopters, those guys are adorable.
DG: How do you like to spend your time (besides interning for Drone Girl of course!)?
VN: I am a big fan of napping. Otherwise, I like working on various creative projects or my empirical ranking of the best boba in Berkeley.

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