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General Electric capitalizes on drone hype with Drone Week in Rio

Big brands love to hop on hot trends, and it looks like General Electric is the latest to jump on the drone bandwagon.

We saw Amazon do it when they announced Prime Air in 2013, saying they could see drone package delivery by 2017 (likely not). We saw Domino’s do it, delivering pizza with drones. Countless other brands besides these have done it too. But the latest from General Electric strikes me as both bizarre, but also kind of cool in bringing drones to the mainstream mindset.

General Electric is airing the second season of its original series shot on drones, called Drone Week. This season will show viewers how much power, energy and technology it takes to put on the Olympics — such as showing how hydroelectric-powered drams harness the power of Brazil’s rivers, and setting up flash hospitals loaded with new x-ray technologies to help doctors treat the Olympic athletes.unspecified

Each day will have a different drone video. The Opening Drone Ceremony will air today and include a synchronized Drone Ballet. On Tuesday, a drone will provide an up-close look at the Brazilian Canoe and Kayak team, showcasing a GE software app where coaches can monitor the performance of their athletes. Videos later in the week will include live shots of health care tents, a flyover of the International Broadcast Center and live video via drone of an LED Intelligent Lighting system lighting up Flamengo Park in Rio with new lights.81311-GECorp-Droneweek-KayakingVideo-TW-rev

It’s cool, but also sort of strange to see that marketers are using drones to get people talking about other work the company is doing (and looks like I’m caught writing about it too).

The footage looks like it’s going to be really impressive and it’s nice to see drones in the media for good reasons and not just crashing into things. But my first thought when watching this ad is, “wait, I’m confused, so what does GE have to do with drones?”

What do you think?


  • Will says:

    There is certainly a great deal to know about this subject.

    I love all the points you made.

  • Sash says:

    Of course GE will build drones as you cannot be caught out without a product, just like Xiaomi. I fully expect autonomous drones from Google, Apple, Facebook as well as Amazon getting theirs fully commercialised. Eventually the dust will settle, but for now it’s a free for all as companies see demand and the commercial applications are discovered and regulated.

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