Review: MzeroA’s Remote Pilot 101 course

The Part 107 exam availability is about a week away — and it’s not going to be an easy test for people unfamiliar with aeronautics.

If you’re like me and have trouble committing to — and understand — a book, then reading the FAA’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge may not be enough. There are a number of online and in-person training courses to help you learn what you need to know

I tried out MzeroA’s Remote Pilot 101 course, which consist of more than three hours of training videos, as well as 9 practice quizzes to cap the end of each section and one final exam at the end.

The course is put together by Jason Schappert. Schappert is a pilot, author of 8 aviation flight training books and flight instructor. MzeroA offers variety of manned flight training courses, though this is the company’s first foray into drone training.remotepilot101topics

The course is broken up into nine sections: rules & regulations, airspace, UAS weather and weather sources, UAS loading and performance, crew resource management, airport/field operations, radio communications, emergency procedures and preflight & maintenance.

It’s the topics that crossover into manned aircraft operations, like radio communications and airport/field operations that Schappert’s expertise really shines through.remotepilot101topics

I like how Jason discusses both the real world applicability of some of these topics as well as what you need to know to pass the test. This is one of the most important factors about Part 107 training for me. While of course we all want to pass, it’s important that we really understand why answers are right or wrong.

The course is an online website accessible via your individual login. The site is extremely easy to use. One featured I liked was the ability to “Mark Complete” each video. There were some videos that I watched, but since I was multi-tasking and cooking dinner or got distracted by Facebook, I didn’t give that lesson the full attention it deserved. I opted to not mark those lessons complete so I would give them a second listen.

I also like how in some of the videos, Schappert goes through practice questions on screen. He reads the question, then typically eliminates one, talking through why that answer is incorrect. Then he gives you the correct answer and explains why — aiding my understanding of why something is correct rather than just knowing what to mark correctly on the test.

The online course is $149 and comes with lifetime access.

Considering the fee to take the test is $150, I find it worth it to pay for a training course where I’ve had access to at lease one practice test to ensure I don’t need to retake the FAA’s $150 test.

Good luck, and happy flying!

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  • Kelly Wright says:

    I’m currently enrolled in this course, too, and I love it! His explanations are very clear and I like that I can go back and review the lessons multiple times.

  • Sierra says:

    Hi Sally, You have a great site but I am skeptical of this as his ad promoted on your site and on FaceBook is not true. It states “See the Part 107 Knowledge test questions before you take your test.” This can not be as the full test questions have not been posted. Only the Part 61 pilots have seen test questions and then only 35 of them. No one has seen the full test as he claims and this not being truthful moved me away. Also I listened to his webinar and he stated he has over 10,000 flight hours. This is a tremendous amount of time for a young person. His wikipedia page says over 8000 hours but in his webinar just last week he said over 10,000 hours. He soloed at 16 and assuming he got his license then and assuming he is about 24 he would have to be flying over 3.5 hours every day, 365 days a year and this is just very hard to do. Truthfulness in advertising is everything and bloggers should be aware.

    • Hi Sierra,

      Sorry you feel that way but please allow me to correct you.

      I’m much older than 24 (but quite the compliment so thank you)

      My first flying job was as a traffic pilot so I flew a minimum of 4 hours everyday 7 days a week for nearly 3 years and continue to fly at a grueling pace (already logged 31 hours this week alone)

      As far as the written test questions go they part 107 knowledge test is a combo of it’s own questions in addition the same private pilot written test questions we’ve been using and teaching over the past 10 years.

      I’m proud to say our customers have a 100% pass rate on the part 107 test and we’ve received some amazing feedback!

      Hope you’re well


      • David says:

        I got your course and it is awesome I am also doing my PPL and your course for my part 107 is also helping me understand much better as I start my PPL great Information on the videos and questions on the quizzes .

      • sean scavella says:

        Is there a certificate or diploma for completing this course?

      • Maram says:

        i really exciting to have this program , but i wondered if any one can help me .
        I am from Saudi and i would like to study and pass 107 Exam ,
        I founded UAV And Remote Pilote 101 ,
        whats the deferent and the best ?

    • Jim says:

      Sierra you sound like a mean person. I have been watching Jason’s videos and to be quite frank he seems like a terrific person and has done a lot for online drone training. Maybe you should look deep inside and think about being a nicer person.

      • Deb says:

        Jason’s course is terrific! I took it and passed the Pt. 107 exam on the first try with a 93%, and then took the recurrent exam course, and passed that test with a 95%. His courses really help you understand, not just memorize, and it’s that understanding of the principles that really held me in good stead when working through the exam questions. I’d recommend his courses to anyone!

  • Deb says:

    Does this course include the information that pilots themselves would normally know, for example the information contained in the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (PHAK)? I’ve studied the Pt. 107 material that is on the FAA website, but the massive amount of information included in the Pilot’s Handbook is very hard to work through and not all of it is relevant to drone piloting. Looking at some sample tests, I’ve seen that there are aeronautical maps to interpret, and several other questions that aren’t included in the Pt. 107 info. If this class covers that additional information, I’ll be very interested in signing up. Thanks.

  • Hey Deb!

    It sure does cover all of that and more.

    You’re right the written test contains a lot of info that seems to pertain more to pilots however they are expecting part 107 operators to know it.

    Everything is video based and takes you through the complex subjects like airspace, charts, weather, etc easily.


  • Kirsten says:

    FWIW: I’d recommend that anyone wanting to pass the 107 exam, but who don’t wish to spend money on the training, check out “Pilot Training System” on YouTube. Fantastic information – great explanations – and a great place to start.

  • Mike Riddell says:

    I am about halfway through Jason’s course and I love it. I started out watching hours of videos on Youtube, and it became overwhelming and most lessons were hard to follow for a beginner. Once I started the course, I felt immediately at ease. I am taking my time, and plan to do the course twice before taking my test. I highly recommend this course to anyone who plans to take the knowledge test.

  • MAC says:

    I took the Remote Pilot 101 course along with several ground school sessions and utilized a app for test questions and general knowledge. I am happy to say I passed 107 knowledge test today with a 90% first time and I have Jason to thank for the results. I am a horrible test taker and taking the Remote Pilot 101 really made sense of subjects otherwise lost by just reading them alone from a book or online resource.

    Jason’s videos explain everything in a way that makes sense. The test itself was much harder than I expected and saw questions not covered in the course or my study app however the general aviation knowledge I gained from the course enabled me to choose the correct answers by process of elimination.

    I can not recommend this course enough as I would have certainly failed if I did not take it. As Jason advises, do yourself a favor and go over it several times and write notes in areas that you have difficulty with.

    Happy flying!

  • Don says:

    I took and passed the UAG exam today, after prepping for 2 days by binge watching Jason’s Remote Pilot 101 lessons. I have to say that I would not have been prepared if it weren’t for this course. I knew the UAS questions pretty well just from experience, but I wouldn’t have been able to navigate the sectional charts and METARs if I hadn’t done those lessons from Remote Pilot 101. Thank you Jason!

  • Beej11 says:

    Facebook comments indicate “Remote Pilot 101” hasn’t worked for two days. Does anyone know if it is working again? I want to get started but not wanting to pay for a non-working program.

  • owen dawson says:

    price seems to currently be $149. is there a discount code that will allow me to purchase it for $99 as advertised on this side?

  • Mike says:

    How many “parts” of the FAA’s remote flying tests/certifications are there? More than just part 107? If so, what are the differences?



  • CDM_ATL says:

    I have gone through Jason’s course and about to take his final practice test. I have put in about 15+ hours and expect to put in a few more (maybe 5 more) before the test but there is no way I could have leaned as much on my own, in the same time…with no prior aviation experience. Based on the module practice tests I have taken so far I fully expect to pass the exam on the first try but it is clear you have to take this test seriously and except for those few quick learners out there, study hard so you don’t have to pay $150 to take it a second time after you learn that lesson. Good luck to all.

  • Jacob Theo says:

    Thanks for the great Remote Pilot 101 review!

  • Vinnie says:

    Hello All,

    I recently took and Passed the Part 107 FAA test. In my opinion the idea’s put forward in Remote Pilot 101 come in handy for the testing material. The only complaint is that there are limitations to what is taught. What I mean Is there are scenarios or should I use the term distractors which will definitely cause you to think twice. The problem with the final exam is that the questions are limited. That is no fault of Remote Pilot 101 rather the extensive data base owned by the FAA. In other words you will find things that may or may not have been discussed. Like all other avenues of study I wouldn’t just concentrate using Remote Pilot 101 as the holly grail. I would include other internet web pages perhaps,. Keep Remote pilot as the foundation and utilize other material. One thing to mention is the psychological aspect and the intensity of the exam since it is taken under a camera with a countdown clock in your face. Is that intimidation? Be prepared to move around the booklet given to you at the test site during the exam. The questions bounce around from page to page. Last but not least no pens pencils rulers (unless FAA approved) or personal belongings are allowed in the exam area. Last but not least I would give Remote pilot 4 stars out of 5 as there could be improvements on some simple ideas to expose everyone and relieve the pretest anxiety.

    • owen dawson says:

      remotepilot101 was a great start, however just taking course will most likely not get you a passing grade on the test. i score 93 or better on all my practice exams but the questions were at time very different to what was asked on RP101

  • Pastor Ian says:

    Hey everyone, I did all my Private Pilot studies through Gleim. They were very direct and full of information necessary for testing and beyond. I will say, Even though I’m finished with ground school and working towards my checkride, Jason’s videos are an uplifting change from the other videos offered online. His attitude shines in a positive way in each video. Even if you’ve all ready passed your exams, I would highly recommend you continue your education through M0A. As pilots, we never stop learning. The day we do, is the day we jeopardize our likelihood of success. Jason has created a community of people who truly care about Aviation. Alot of us are sick and tired of the old lectures found in old videos from other companies with poor production models. For what it’s worth, it’s about time Aviation studies had a modern approach to learning. These are my personal opinions of course. Blessings.

  • Matt says:

    This seems great Jason. I think I will purchase your course so I don’t fail! lol


  • Jason K Cornett says:

    Is there a current promo code for this program? Thanks!

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