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How Autel’s ‘flying pumpkin’ drone holds up against a real pumpkin

Happy Halloween!autel drone xstar halloween

Because you’re probably one of the 9 million people out there who have already seen this “epic Halloween prank” video (or your friends who know you love drones have sent it to you 9 million times), here’s an ALL-NEW Halloween drone video!

Autel is capitalizing on the joke around their ‘orange pumpkin’ drone nickname and checking out how their drone stacks up against some real pumpkins.

They took some drones and dressed them in costumes including a Phantom, a Parrot, a Hero, a Typhoon and a Solo — Han Solo.autel xstar crash

In my own reviews, I’ve found that the X-Star holds up quite well to crashes. However, spoiler alert: the X-Star does NOT hold up to pumpkin collisions. Check it out:

For the record — the orange color of Autel’s drone actually has  a purpose — better visibility of the drone while flying!

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