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The best drone films of 2016 — according to FRiFF

2016 saw plenty of developments in the drone industry — sense and avoid in consumer-level drones, better cameras for a lower price, and all around crazy low prices for drones.

Because of that, drones are easier than ever to access, which also means that the standards for drone photography and videography are higher. It’s not enough to send a drone in the air and get a cool shot just because it’s an aerial shot.

Now films need to have some type of story — and incredible aerial visuals.

This year’s Flying Robot international Drone Film Festival showcased exactly that. The 2nd annual FRiFFest in San Francisco, happened earlier this month at the Roxie Theater in the city’s Mission District. The festival received 180 submissions from 40 countries. Across 8 categories,  25 films were showcased at the festival.

I thought The Drone, which one best cinematic narrative, was absolutely brilliant and hilarious. Moon Line, which won in multiple categories, had me wondering the whole time, ‘how’d they do that?’

For some inspiration for your own drone videography, check out these winners (and for those of you who couldn’t watch the show in-person, you can watch all the winning videos below too):

Best in Show: Moon Line, Frédéric Rousseau [France]

Cinematic Narrative: The Drone, Jordan Rubin [USA]

Epic Landscape: Drone Poem: Always Take The Window Seat, Alexander Hotz [USA]

Drones For Good: Zipline in Rwanda, Jimmy Collins [UK]

WTF LOL: Moon Line, Frédéric Rousseau [France]

Student Film: This is Chapman, Kevin Wolf [USA]

FPV / Aerial Sports: The First Racing Drone In Chernobyl, Steele Davis [USA]

I Made That!: Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme, Kurtis Sensenig

Promotional: Digitized 2016 – Opening Titles, Athanasia Lykoudi & Nestoras Kechagias [Greece]

Audience Choice: Drone Poem: Always Take The Window Seat, Alexander Hotz [USA]

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  • DroneZon says:

    Great article and love the video clips. Moon Line is pretty unique and love all the clips in the Drone Poem. 2016 certainly was an amazing year in drone filming and also there has been tremendous leaps in drone innovation this year.

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