How secure is your drone? Intel and AirMap want to add an extra authentication layer

Think your drone isn’t secure enough? Drone management platform AirMap and security company DigiCert partnered up to create a system of identity certificates.

Called Drone ID, the service allows drone users to receive a SSL/TLS certificate, which is basically a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website (or in this case, a drone) and can encrypt the information on it.  Drone operators that register their drone online through the site will receive a digital Drone ID certificate, including a unique, validated aircraft identity number that can be loaded onto the drone and shared with others in the drone ecosystem.

While this likely isn’t something that a hobby drone user would use — for the time being at least — its creators say that secure communication with drones is important for drones that are storing secure data, or in swarm flights where one ground control station is controlling multiple drones.

Intel’s Aero Ready to Fly Drone and Aero Platform for Developers will be the first to receive the identity certificate software, coming in the first quarter of 2017.

“There are instances where people would be more willing to accept drones if they had trusted identity,” AirMap co-founder Greg McNeal said. “Part of the fear with drones is that they often don’t have that trusted identity.”

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