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DJI at CES 2017: new limited edition Phantom 4 deviates from the iconic look

DJI has a new lineup of products at CES 2017, including a new limited edition Phantom 4 to commemorate the Chinese New Year.

dji phantom 4 limited edition chinese new year cesIt’s the same drone, but a new color scheme. DJI’s new, limited edition Phantom 4 was designed by Martin Sati, featuring images of a phoenix, and drawing on air, fire, water and earth as elements in the art. The Phantom 4 Chinese New Year Edition will sell for $1,199  and ship Jan. 23. It will be sold exclusively at Apple Stores, DJI Flagship Stores, Tmall DJI Store and the DJI online store.

osmo mobile silver ces djiDJI at CES also announced  two new Osmo product extensions — the Osmo Mobile Silver and Zenmuse M1. The $299 Osmo Mobile Silver is an enhanced version of the Osmo Mobile, with a run time of 4.5 hours. The $169 Zenmuse M1 allows owners of the original Osmo stabilizer to mount a smartphone. Both products will ship in the end of January.dji ground station pro

DJI also announced a new aerial mapping app called Ground Station Pro (or GS Pro). It’s designed for professional operators to plan autonomous flights with a few taps. The 3D Map Area function allows the aircraft to generate flight paths after the operator has set their required flight zone and camera parameters. The aircraft will then follow this route throughout its mission. The image data captured during these flights can be input into 3D reconstruction software to generate 3D maps, while the mission itself can be saved for re-use.

The app is designed for iPads and is free.dji crystalsky

At DJI’s CES booth, it is showcasing two variations of its CrystalSky prototype, an ultra-bright monitor developed specifically for outdoor aerial imaging operators. With 2000 cd/m² of brightness, it’s more than four times as bright as most mobile devices. It is expected to be released later this year.

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