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Yuneec shifts focus to customer service and a new H520 drone

Yuneec had a major presence at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada this year.

In past years it has unveiled its sense and avoid technology. But this year, the focus is back to the basics — and that’s a good thing.

Yuneec this week announced upgrades to its enterprise and commercial applications, while also focusing on upgrades to its customer service programs.

Yuneec H520 commercial drone

Yuneec unveiled the H520, a six-rotor drone for commercial applications. It looks very much like the Typhoon H drone (but is bright orange for high visibility), building off the six-rotor platform (that is capable of flying under emergency situations with just five rotors) while incorporating commercial-grade cameras and applications for high-end commercial use. 

Like the Typhoon H, it has a 360-degree, 3-axis gimbal with retractable landing gear. Camera options include the CGO-ET dual thermal RGB camera, CGO-CI seven-element inspection-ready camera and CGO-3+.

Yuneec will also launch a software developer kit (SDK) platform in Q2 of 2017; competitor Autel also announced the launch of an SDK platform this year at CES. The H520 will be available Q2 of 2017 and will be offered in a variety of configurations with prices ranging from $2499 to $4499.

Yuneec Customer Service Program

Yuneec this week also announced an expansion to its customer service offerings, including a new one year warranty, a total of 12 authorized service locations for after-warranty repair across the U.S. and Canada and Typhoon H product hotline.

The upgraded one year warranty extends to all Typhoon and Breeze series products and automatically guarantees against manufacturer defects from the original date of purchase.  Yuneec will extend the one year warranty from date of purchase to all existing  and future Typhoon series and Breeze class owners.

The Typhoon H hotline is available at 1-844-343-9770.

More drone manufacturers are experimenting with warranty and customer service plans. DJI received positive responses to its DJI Care Refresh plan, a $99 additional fee that covers accidental damage, which it launched in 2016.


  • Olivier says:

    I heard that Yuneec was stoping it’s drone production for non-commercial use, is it true ??

  • Dronezon says:

    Yuneec certainly are getting it right with their drones. This H520 sure looks like a powerful drone. Also nice to see that Yuneec are really focusing on Customer Service. It’s so important.

  • Dronie says:

    The design of Yuneec series are always great, Also its good they are incorporating commercial-grade cameras and applications for high-end commercial use.

  • N22Tango says:

    In the 13 months I’ve owned Yuneec drones (I now have 3 flying and a 4th parts drone I bought) I’ve been totally impressed with the products and especially with customer support after the sale. My first drone was a DJI Phantom, and I switched to Yuneec because of lack of support from DJI.

  • Tony says:

    What is the pay load of this model? And what wind conditions can it fly in ?

  • tomas says:

    this H520 seems to be fantastic.
    Now, only have 2 questions to start with.
    1. does it carry more than 1 battery?
    2. So far, it doesn’t seem to support the new CGO4, are there other cameras apart from CGO-ET dual thermal RGB camera, CGO-CI seven-element inspection-ready camera and CGO-3+?
    perhaps something more cine like?
    I can clearly see the industrial use for H520, but with its capabilities it would be the ultimate platform for ALL use.
    … and yet, with the price still unclear, it will be still far of the new Matrice 200.
    Can’t wait to know more.

  • Tomas says:

    OK maybe 3 questions 😉
    When is H520 arriving in Australia.
    That’s one customer issue right there.
    There is hardly any support for Yuneec product in Aus!

  • rishiverma says:

    hii, Yuneec Typhoon H Plus with Intel RealSense is really a high quality drones that full fill all your desire as it high flying and power capacity is mind blowing

  • rishiverma says:

    The Typhoon H520 is an advanced six-rotor drone for commercial applications.

    The H520 builds off the Typhoon H platform and incorporates industry-first commercial-grade cameras and applications for high-end commercial use, making it poised to go head-to-head with companies like DJI and their own high-end, commercially-focused cameras for drones, such as the new ZenMuse Z30.

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