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Drone Girl heading to Drones Oman

Hey all you Drone Girl readers living in the Middle East!

I’m heading out today to speak at the Drones Oman conference, happening Feb. 27 and 28 in Muscat, Oman.

You may recall that I recently served as Chairperson of the Drones Middle East conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The UAE has already made huge strides in drones — just recently Ehang announced plans to try to get a drone taxi service off the ground in Dubai by this summer.

But the UAE is no without its challenges. The government currently makes it a costly and paperwork-ridden process to fly drones. In Dubai, you will have to pay a location fee of AED 3,300 (or more depending on filming location) — that’s $899 USD. Then, you’ll have to pay additional online fees of AED 5,100 ($1,388) to DCAA and expect 5 working days of processing time.

But countries in the Middle East are still working on ways to use drones for good — and finding out how they can work with the government to make that happen.

The same conference organizers who produced Drones Middle East are now bringing the event to Oman in a conference called Drones Oman. The Public Authority for Civil Aviation, National Survey Authority, Royal Oman Police and Royal Oman Airforce have been taking steps towards releasing drone regulations to ensure safe and legal use of drones in the country.

Drones Oman speakers include Jesper Skou, Haris Balta, and my fellow American friend whom I met years ago in the drone world, Patrick Sherman.

See you there!



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