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Spark may be DJI’s next drone — and it’s smaller than the Mavic Pro

DJI’s newest drone could be smaller than the Mavic Pro — and it may be called “Spark.”

Leaked pictures and videos of a drone appeared on various forums this week, showing a drone with a similar form to the Mavic Pro but at half the size. Its name? “Spark.” The photos were initially posted to this site, which has since been removed, but TechCrunch captured them.

Unlike the Mavic Pro, it appears that the arms do not fold in. The drone has a camera that at least moves up and down, indicating it could be used for racing or simple photography. The camera is mounted on what looks like a brushless gimbal.

It is unclear what the drone is intended to be used for, though it could fill one corner of the market where DJI is still lacking: low-cost, toy drones. DJI’s cheapest drone available is still about $400-$500.

Others have suggested it could be DJI’s first racing-focused drone.

A DJI spokesperson would not confirm or deny the existence of a “Spark” drone. But, a trademark for the name “Spark” was filed by DJI on March 6, 2017.

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5 thoughts on “Spark may be DJI’s next drone — and it’s smaller than the Mavic Pro”

  1. Maybe DJI are going to try and break into the Drone Racing segment with a very fast, aerodynamic drone with top of the range FPV. It’s edge of the seat stuff.

  2. Interesting to see in which direction consumer drone technology is headed. @Dronezon: it would hardly be a surprise since drone racing, alongside drone photography, are the two biggest movers in the consumer drone sector.

    1. Spot on Skynex. It sure is getting very interesting. There has also been a big shake out in the consumer drone sector in the past few months. It sure is interesting.

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