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You have to see this new drone museum exhibition in NYC

Drones aren’t THAT old, but they’re already becoming the stuff of museums.

The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum Complex in New York City this week opened an exhibit called “Drones: Is the sky the limit?” making it the U.S.’s first major museum exhibition on drones.

The exhibit is located in a 6,000 square foot pavilion on Pier 86 in New York City, and will showcase historical artifacts, model airplanes, actual drones, three-dimensional computer renderings and rare videos.

The museum includes everything from  a prototype cargo vehicle designed to deliver online shopping orders to their door, as well as the world’s first flying dress, designed and worn by Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga drone dress!

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The museum was curated by Eric Boehm, the Museum’s curator of aviation and aircraft restoration, along with Mary L. “Missy” Cummings and Alexander J. Stimpson, both specialists at Duke University.

The exhibit will also play host to a variety of events, including a startup pitch night, a family astronomy night that focuses on drones that fly into hurricanes to collect data, and book launches.

There is also  a reel created by drone video site AirVuz for the exhibit’s immersive theater highlighting what camera and FPV camera drones can capturing. Here’s a preview of that video:

Admission to the special exhibit is included with the cost of admission to the entire museum, which is $33 for adults, $31 for seniors and $24 for children.

The exhibit opened on May 10 and will remain through Dec. 3.

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  • Drone Minds says:

    It does sound crazy I guess, but I’ve personally been flying drones for since 2011, that’s 6 years this year! It’s hard to believe, but when I think of the self-built contraptions and the amazed looks we used to get back at the beginning I can easily imagine them being museum pieces. I flew a drone live on BBC TV inside a studio in 2012, just when people started to call them drones instead of multi-rotors etc, and before DJI had any drones of their own, only flight controllers and gimbals. 🙂
    And of course military drones have been around for decades, even as early as World War 2!

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