It’s Drone Girl’s 4th birthday!

Four years ago today, I wrote my first ever blog post for, which — I think — makes today the 4th birthday of The Drone Girl.

What started out as a simple blog to post my videos from my DJI Phantom 1 and writ about my experiences has grown into an awesome community of people who can share opinions, ask questions and generate ideas.

In these past four years, I’ve talked to scientists who have used drones to gather whale DNA, celebrity drone racers,  and brilliant drone makers. I’ve traveled around the world, including to Oman, Harvard Stadium, EAA Airventure and Abu Dhabi, and Austin, Texas for South by Southwest. I’ve operated underwater drones, Lego drones and Star Wars drones.

In 4 years, we’ve seen regulations change. Drone registration became a thing, and then un-became a thing. Section 333 was announced, and then Part 107 was announced. Drone operators got certified by the FAA.

It’s been a whirlwind. But most importantly, I’ve made amazing friends both in person and online — and I’m talking about you! Thank you so much for giving me these 4 years — they wouldn’t have been possible without you. Here’s to 4 more!

And what the heck, here is that first ever blog post. It’s not much of a read, but maybe you’ll get a kick out of it. 😉


  • Drone Minds says:

    That’s great! I’ve been flying drones since 2010, before we started calling them drones. I made a little blog called in about 2012, then changed the name to when I realized that was the way things were heading in 2015. Still nowhere near ‘there’ yet, but I think you are doing better than me? Our message is pretty much the same though I think, drones are cool and you can do great things with them! Just keep going, never give up! 🙂

  • I love your blog! And so proud of what you have created in just 4 years. CONGRATULATIONS!

    Yesterday I flew my first drone (PH4+) for the first time. After driving around checking out what others told me were good places to fly, I end up where I should have started – AMA Sanctioned field CBRC, in Crownsville MD. Other said, fly at the elementary school. That just did not feel safe or legal. They also said, fly in the parking lot of the Navy Football Field. It was totally locked up and had lots of cars. Also not good. The best place to practice flying drones is an AMA sanctioned field.

    Keep up the good work !

  • Ed Bush says:

    Happy Birthday Drone Girl,
    It only seems like yesterday that you graduated from Mizzou. Wishing you many more years as The Drone Girl.

  • Jake and Cheryl La Manna says:

    Happy Birthday, Drone Girl!
    Keep on flyin’!

  • Azad Hoque says:

    HI Ladies,
    I am going to Abu Dhabi, Can i fly my Mavic Air or Do I need to ask for permission.



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