Don’t fly drones through fireworks, FAA warns

You know those sweet Fourth of July videos of drones flying near fireworks? Don’t do it, the Federal Aviation Administration warns.

The FAA on Friday issued a reminder of “general guidelines for people flying drones.” Here’s what the FAA said:

  • Don’t fly your drone in or near fireworks
  • Don’t fly over people
  • Don’t fly near airports

In year’s past, the FAA has said it is “investigating” incidents involving drones flying through fireworks. And even if you were to fly not directly in the fireworks, but still try to grab a shot with your drone, it’s still likely illegal. Part 107 drone pilots cannot legally fly drones at night without a waiver, though there is no such rule for hobby drone pilots.

Meanwhile, here are some videos from pilots who got away with it in year’s past (not saying you should try this year):

Don’t get too up in arms about not being able to fly your drone through fireworks. Intel’s got a better solution: Intel last year started using drones to be the fireworks themselves, performing as flying lights that create shapes in the sky. Intel’s “firework drones” have performed at events including Coachella, Walt Disney World and the Super Bowl.

Happy flying!

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