dji spark firmware update

DJI Spark gets new photo and video features with firmware update

Got a DJI Spark? DJI today launched a new firmware update to add new ways you can take photos and videos.

The new firmware update includes a new gesture to start and stop video recording, an enhanced “QuickShot” video feature and a mode for 180-degree photo shooting.

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The new gesture to start and stop video recording involves an arm movement that is performed like this:

dji spark firmware update


The QuickShot mode enables Spark to automatically fly along a preset flight path while recording a video and tracking the subject along the way. With the update, users can control which circular direction the drone flies during Circle and Helix modes. It also improves QuickShot mode by increasing  the height gained during Dronie mode and smoothing out the camera’s pitch in Rocket mode.

The 180-degree mode stitches 21 individual photos together to create a 180-degree panoramic image.

The DJI Spark is the drone-maker’s smallest and arguably smartest drone, and the whole thing can be optionally controlled entirely by hand gestures.

To get the firmware update, download and install the latest firmware on your drone and remote controller. You must also have the latest version of the DJI Go 4 mobile app.

Did you update your drone? Let me know your thoughts on the firmware update in the comments below!

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