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Ask Drone Girl: how do I build a recreational drone park?

Next up in our “Ask Drone Girl” series is about building a recreational drone park. If you have a question for Drone Girl, contact her here.

Some partners and I are looking to build a recreational drone flying park in the state of Delaware. Are there any specifications for something like this? Any architects in this area? Thanks in advance for your help.

This sounds like fun! Recreational drone parks are a fairly new development. Unlike sports that have specifications as to the size of the field or court, or requirements as to the height of something like a basket, drones are the wild west and there really are no standards as to what a drone park should look like.

Perhaps the most famous example of a recreational drone park is this 290,000 square food piece of land flanking the Han river  in South Korea, which opened last summer. The park is open to a maximum of 30 drones at a time, weighing up to 26 pounds  and flying not higher than 492 feet. The park allows people  to book a space ahead of time, on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the BBC. For now, there’s not a lot at the park — some benches, lots of grass and already had a runway for model airplanes. The park eventually intends to open a pilot’s lounge and racing course, according to TechCrunch.

This summer, a dedicated drone park opened in Florida. In reality though it’s just a traditional park in Citrus County, Florida — re-branded as a drone park.

To capitalize on the drone racing craze, you may want to look into building a drone arena. For inspiration, check out what DJI built in South Korea. It’s a 15,000-square-foot space with safety nets, and an LED-lit circuit for pilots to fly through. The space is available for training, corporate events and flying clubs.

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Let me know how the building goes — and please send over pictures when it is complete!

Happy flying!


  • I have identified something like a dozen different types of drone-related land uses and building or structures and written briefly about them.

    As an approach you might like to consider:

    Firstly, you are probably needing to do some market reseach so as to find the niche mico-markets for drone activities.

    Secondly, write a brief for land use areas / facilities which will be required to meet the needs and commonneeds of your future drone-user.

    Thirdly, the land or buildings etc needed will then be more apparent. [However, if you have land etc you brief will be directed realated to it.]

    Fourthly, you now have something to face the architect anmd others you may need to get your project off the ground, ie get the users’ drones of the ground.

  • Tulinda J Larsen says:

    Cool idea! We can also work with the AMA guys and co-use model aircraft aerodromes. At least with the enlightened AMA guys … I was call the token drone pilot at my local AMA field!

  • nick madincea says:

    If anyone wants to seriously look into drone facilities, I would consider looking into Drone Parks Worldwide.

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