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VSDC Video Editor Pro is giving away free Pro licenses to Drone Girl community

How many of you, guys, use advanced video editing software to fix drone footage? As you record more videos, you might want to have a more serious approach to post-production.

We’ve partnered with VSDC Video Editor PRO – a video editing program for Windows – to show how to improve what you might consider a good shot into a better one.

And there is an even more awesome piece of news! You can get VSDC PRO annual license for free in a special promo arranged exclusively for The Drone Girl community, and it’s valid for a week.

What is VSDC Video Editor PRO?

VSDC is a non-linear video editor, and if you’re unfamiliar with the term “non-linear” – think of it as of Photoshop for videos. Unlike linear programs (think Movie Maker), VSDC allows for working with video sequences and layers to achieve eye-catching effects.

By the way, this software works for videos captured on any action or drone camera – be it DJI, GoPro, or any other brand. VSDC reads UHD, 4K, opens MOV, MP4 and any other format you can think of, so there is no need to convert footage before starting.vsdc video editor pro


How to quickly fix a drone video:

Let’s walk through the most frequent footage issues you’ll be able to fix with VSDC:

Overexposure/underexposure. The sun messes with drone pilots all the time. Most drones allow you to adjust camera settings accordingly depending on the weather conditions, but if you’ve failed to do that – worry not. VSDC can fix it in post-processing.vsdc video editor pro

Color grading and video masking.

Masks are lesser known, yet are a great way to blur unwanted objects on the footage. Perhaps there is a person, car, or GPS coordinates you need to hide from the viewers. You’ll be able to do it in a couple of clicks.

Shaky footage. Not all of the drones have a built-in stabilization system, and sometimes – depending on many factors including weather and your experience – you see a trembling picture on the output. The YouTube video editor did include a stabilization feature as well, but  it is being shut down in about a month — so it’s high time you looked at alternatives.vsdc video editor pro

Special effects

“Video in Text” masks are great for intros, “Motion blur” will give your footage a real cinematic look, and “Diagonal split screen” can be used to place two videos side by side.

Let me know, if you like VSDC Pro! And share your favorite video editing tips and tricks in comments.






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