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What qualities to look for when buying a toy drone

Buying a low-cost, toy drone is going to be a different animal than shopping for a fancy camera drone.

When sorting through product descriptions, it’s easy to be fooled by words like “HD video” or “easy to fly” — essentially meaningless terms. HD (high definition) can be meaningless if the camera is only one megapixel, and easy to fly — well that’s relative.

Buying a drone from an established company like DJI guarantees high quality video and a relatively easy flight experience. But when you are spending less than $200 on a drone, you lose that guarantee.

Here are the things you should look for when purchasing a toy drone from an unknown manufacturer, according to Best Drones For Kids:best drones for kids qualities toy drone

Best Drones for Kids also parsed out some of their recommendations for the top toy drones that are actually worth the money:



Here are some more of my recommendations:

UDI U818A WiFi FPV Drone ($119.95): UdiR/C’s Discovery drone is a great deal for anyone looking to capture some basic aerial video.

This drone streams video quality live to your phone, so you can see what the drone sees in real time. The video quality is not amazing — but that’s to be expected for something priced that low.

Flight time: 14 minutes

See my complete review of the UDI RC U818A drone here.

AICase CX-10WD-TX Wifi Remote Control Quadcopter ($47.88):  This drone is super tiny — small enough to actually fit in your pocket.  This drone is an FPV drone, meaning it can live stream what the drone’s camera is seeing to your phone. I like this drone because you can control it through your phone or the remote controller (many drones in this price point do not provide a remote control option).

Buy it from Amazon for $47.88.

This drone is definitely more difficult to fly and keep stable than the UDI U818A drone, so it may be worth paying more for an easier flying experience.. Just like the UDI R/C, the video quality is not amazing, but you get what you pay for.

Flight time: 4 minutes

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