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Trackimo tiny GPS can help you find your lost drone

True story: a friend of mine had just purchased a DJI Mavic Pro. He was flying it in San Francisco, and a few minutes in, the drone started flying away, out of his control.

He tried to use the video footage recorded to his phone to hunt it down, but to no avail. The $1,000 he spent were lost.

I can’t help but think, if he had taken this one simple precaution, this wouldn’t have happened! A GPS tracker for your drone.trackimo drone gps tracker

Trackimo has been making 3G GPS tracker devices for years — to give to kids or elderly relatives who might get lost, or to add to cars. But the company recently developed one specifically designed for drones.

Trackimo’s 3G GPS Drone Tracker is about 1 ounce and sticks anywhere on your drone (typically the top is a good place to put it). Once activated, you can see on your smartphone app exactly where the drone has been. 

I attached it to my Mavic Pro and noticed no difference on my flight time or flying ability with the tracker on vs. not on. Each Trackimo device has 96 hours of battery life.

The Trackimo device updates 1 per minute, so it’s not intended to be used to log your flight. However, in the event of a crash, your drone will be in that spot for longer than one minute, so those intervals would work well for its intended purpose.

trackimo gps drone tracker
I even tried Trackimo on a cheap toy drone! This did seem to affect the flight time, though it didn’t on the Mavic Pro.

I loved how easy this was to install — it’s a simple stick-on tracker that is small enough to fit on most drones. But what’s also incredibly convienient about this tracker is that it doesn’t HAVE to be used just for drones. While I’m the Drone Girl, I’m NOT flying drones 24/7, yet there are other things I’d like to use this tracker for, whether it’s putting on your pet’s collar while playing in the park or for me, mounting on my bike (I DO live in San Francisco where bike theft is extremely common). I can easily transfer it from my bike to my drone.

The Trackimo GPS drone tracker is typically $219, but is on sale for $139 (plus free shipping). That comes with a SIM card loaded onto the Trackimo with 1 year international cellular service.

Many drone insurance plans do not cover flyaways. In the case of my friend, he was left with $1,000 less and no drone.

Do you use tracking devices on your drone? Good idea or no? Leave a comment below!

Purchase the Trackimo GPS drone tracker here.

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