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DJI launches new FlightHub drone operations software at AirWorks 2017

DJI, the world’s largest drone maker, now wants to help you manage your drones too.

The Chinese drone manufacturer today released FlightHub, a software targeted at enterprise and business use cases, which manages real-time drone operations, flight data, fleets and pilot teams.

The FlightHub software was launched at the AirWorks 2017 conference, which is DJI’s enterprise drone conference happening in Colorado this week.

Here’s how it will work:

Map and Real-Time View

A map and real-time view will display telemetry, camera and sensor data. The map view is intended for offsite teams to be able to easily coordinate simultaneous flights and multiple drone teams. It also displays geofencing data to make sure drones stay away from regulated airspace. The real-time view can show live video feeds from up to four drones.

Access data any where via the Cloud

Since it’s a web-based data management tool, the data automatically syncs and stores to a searchable database. All flight logs are automatically uploaded. Access to FlightHub can be made from any browser through an Amazon Web Services server.

FlightHub will begin taking pre-orders today. Here are the pricing tiers:

  • Basic: Bind up to 5 drones with all features (excluding real-time view). Priced at $99 USD per month.
  • Advanced: Bind up to 10 drones with all features of the Basic plan plus real-time view. Priced at $299 USD per month.
  • Enterprise: Bind more than 10 drones with all features of the Advanced plan plus the ability to integrate data into a private cloud in the future. Please contact a DJI Enterprise dealer directly to purchase the Enterprise plan.

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District is among the companies already set to beta-test DJI’s new FlightHub drone management system. Menlo Park FPD is no stranger to drones, and has been working with DJI since March 2016 to test products, and in emergency situations, including the Yosemite and Santa Rosa fires to provide situation awareness, assist with search and recovery and for surveying. During the Santa Rosa fires, 120 drone flights were made, marking the first time the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has authorized drone flights as part of the emergency response in a large-scale disaster.

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