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Drones for real estate: here’s your getting started course

You’ve got the real estate license — now you want to get into drones too?

The Drone Trainer has launched a drone training course specifically for real estate agents, real estate photographers or existing drone pilots who want to break into the real estate industry to shoot aerial images and videos of homes and commercial spaces.

The Drone Trainer’s real estate course goes through important topics like site surveying, outbuildings, data management, clip selection and video editing topics like color correction and cutting.

*Note that to operate a drone for commercial purposes, you’ll need a Part 107 license. Here’s my guide to taking and passing the Part 107 course.

The course is a run by Chris Anderson, a drone pilot who actively works in real estate himself and is now a full-time drone operator. Anderson has been in the drone industry for more than four years.

The course is a 6-part video training series. Membership to the digital course includes lifetime access, 24/7 login and ability to download the course materials.

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Using drones to shoot videos for real estate can come with a huge payoff. According to Anderson, the average real estate drone video can sell for $350 – $1800  per video. While much of that varies based on local market, Anderson says his students command at minimum $350 on the low-end.
Anderson uses iMovie to edit in this course, though it also works with iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Windows Movie Maker and DaVinci Resolve, and is compatible with Mac or PC.

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