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Startup uses Reddit to announce blockchain-based DJI drone rental service

An Australian startup took to Reddit to unconventionally announce a partnership with DJI dealers — a blockchain-based drone rental service.

Sound like the most 2018 sentence ever? You’re not wrong.

The startup markets provide  asset-tracking and payments services to “sharing economy” providers worldwide — including drones. Sharering calls itself as the “Amazon of the sharing economy,” using a distributed recording system based on blockchain technology, and claims that it can’t be broken or hacked.

Sharering announced this week that it would be partnering with DJI distributors in Australia to provide an online service for them to rent their drones to governments, corporations, and for events.

Sharering is a small company launched in 2017 that raised a $3.8 million funding round last month, according to Crunchbase.

DJI currently does not have its own drone rental system in place, though a variety of startups have sprung up around the drone rental market. One of the most popular startups, UpSonder, acts as a type of Airbnb for drones. UpSonder handles the payment processing, scheduling, messaging and more. And for people who don’t want to meet the owner directly, they can even have it delivered via Uber.

Most of the drones on UpSonder’s site are DJI products. A DJI Phantom can typically be rented for about $70 a day while the Mavic can  be rented typically for about $85. UpSonder also serves as a market for finding drone pilots.

Sharering is not the first drone-related company to get in on the blockchain craze. Mota, the company that purchased the rights to manufacture the Lily drone, says it has been experimenting with blockchain technology for drones. Mota executives have said that they envision a future where blockchain could decentralize the system for tracking drones, while providing greater transparency as to the whereabouts of drone flights.

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