5th Annual International Drone Day

Happy 5th Annual International Drone Day!

Coming off the heels of the AUVSI conference in the U.S. and the Western Drone Show in Canada, it’s been a busy week. But today’s the day to cap off a busy year in the drone industry as we celebrate the 5th Annual International Drone Day.

International Drone Day was first created back in 2015 by the team of “That Drone Show” as a way to educate the world on the positive ways in which drones are used. The show’s mantra — and the theme of International Drone Day is “Drones are Good!”

“That Drone Show” has evolved over the years, but the holiday itself has not only held steady, but grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Drone groups worldwide are hosting their own events separate from the show.

5th Annual International Drone Day

One of the biggest events is being held today at Vaughn College in New York, where activities include live drone flights in the hangar, workshops on how to utilize Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to design your own drone, an introduction to the programming language Python on Linux, and a discussion by Drone Girl friend Loretta Alkalay, a New York-based aviation attorney.

Every year, That Drone Show hosts their own main event (I had the joy of attending the first-ever event just outside of Las Vegas). This year’s That Drone Show event is being held in El Paso, Texas.

And here are even more events happening around the world, including in Erie, Pa.; Glendale, Ariz.; and Williamsburg, Virginia.

How are you celebrating International Drone Day? Leave a comment below!

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    You must’ve heard about David Oneal’s frauds. They have tarnished the drone industry. Articles like this make him look legitimate which helps him commit more fraud. Hits must matter more to you than morals.

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