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How to remove batteries from your DJI Inspire drone

Next up in our “Ask Drone Girl” series is about a problem with stuck batteries on the DJI Inspire drone. If you have a question for Drone Girl, contact her here.

 I’m having a really hard time trying to remove batteries out of my Inspire. It doesn’t matter what kind of batteries I put in, even ones from my Inspire Pro it still seems as though the space is a micro centimeter too small. Really tight! Any suggestions? It’s killing my thumbs. 

You shouldn’t need Hulk-strong thumbs (nor a jackhammer) to remove the batteries from your Inspire! Never pull or force the battery out of the slot, as this could not only damage the battery and force you to buy a new one (kind of expensive), but it could damage your drone (very expensive).

It may be easy to miss, but there’s actually a button on the top of your Inspire that will automatically release the batteries. Press it, and the button will pop up as your battery slides out of the rear. It’s No. 15 on this diagram:

DJI Inspire remove batteries diagram aircraft button 15

There is a chance that your battery is, in fact, puffy, which is a sign of damage to the battery. If that’s the case, you should dispose of the battery for safety. (Damaged Lipo batteries can be dangerous if left alone improperly!)

Some other quick notes:

  • Never remove your battery when the aircraft is turned on.
  • When flying in extreme heat or cold, the equipment may expand or contract slightly. Try removing the battery again at room temperature.

Your final option: drone insurance or an extended warranty plan can come into handy if damage done to your drone is the reason why the battery can’t be removed (ie. a crash dented the battery compartment). DJI’s own extended warranty plan, DJI Care Refresh will cover accidental damage to your aircraft at a much smaller rate than it would cost to outright buy a new drone.


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