DJI Ronin-SC

New DJI Ronin-SC brings smooth, drone-like video to mirrorless cameras

As mirrorless cameras rise in popularity, DJI has designed a new, Ronin-SC gimbal to bring that same smooth, drone-like effect to videos shot on mirrorless cameras, too.

DJI Ronin-SC
The DJI Ronin-SC

DJI today launched the $439 Ronin-SC, which is a lightweight, 3-axis stabilizer for mirrorless cameras.

It’s smaller, lighter, and cheaper than its predecessor, the Ronin-S. The new Ronin-SC is 41% lighter in fact, coming in at just 2.4 lbs. That means no more tired arms for filmmakers who might have otherwise had to hold the Ronin for long periods of time.

The Ronin-SC is designed to seamlessly integrate with most popular mirrorless cameras on the market, including the Sony A7 line; Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7; Panasonic G9 and Panasonic GH line; Fujifilm XH1, XT2 and XT3, Canon EOS R and M50; and more. See the complete list of Ronin-SC compatible mirrorless cameras here. It’s also compatible with some DJI accessories including a new, lighter external focus motor, Command Unit, DJI Force Pro, DJI Master Wheels, and some third-party accessories.

The Ronin-SC’s predecessor, the Ronin-S, is a designed for large and heavy cameras such as DSLRs, though it can also accommodate some larger mirrorless cameras. DSRLs use a reflex mirror to reflects light up to the optical viewfinder. On the other hand, mirrorless camera don’t use an optical viewfinder, instead exposing the imaging sensor is exposed to light at all times.

This new Ronin-SC gimbal isn’t just an exact copy of the Ronin-S but simply rejiggered for mirrorless cameras. Even better, this one takes some of the issues that users noted in the Ronin-S and improves upon them. New design features include a 3-axis lock on the pan, tilt and roll axis; and a new position lock system that reduces time needed to remount the camera.

DJI said the Ronin-SC can be used up to 11 hours under normal conditions on a full battery charge. The drone can also integrate with a smartphone, allowing you to attaching your phone to the top of the camera’s hot shoe or at the side of the gimbal with the phone holder, so you can get a live view monitor via the camera’s Wi-Fi video transmission.

DJI Ronin-SC

Like most DJI gear, the Ronin-SC allows users to shoot in semi-automatic filming modes, like Sport mode, which increases the response speed of the gimbal, and 360-degree roll movement.

And everyone once in a while, DJI rolls out new modes — which is the case here. With the Ronin-SC, DJI launched new modes including Force Mobile, which synchronizes the movement of a connected mobile device with the Ronin-SC gimbal using a Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

And another mode, ActiveTrack 3.0, iterates upon the existing ActiveTrack modes, which allows users to select a subject for the gimbal to follow. DJI said the 3.0 version has improved algorithms with deep learning and optimized calculations for human figures.

DJI Ronin-SC Pro Combo
Everything you get with the Ronin-SC Pro Combo

The new Ronin-SC is on sale for $439 now through DJI’s website, DJI flagship stores and some retail partners. For an additional $100, you can upgrade to the $539 Ronin-SC Pro Combo, which comes with a focus wheel, external focus motor and Remote Start Stop (RSS) Splitter. The new Ronin-SC is also eligible for coverage through the DJI Care Refresh program, which is essentially a version of DJI’s warranty program that extends coverage beyond what you get with the included warranty.

The news comes on the heels of DJI’s Super Sale, during which the company deeply discounted its DJI Ronin-S by $100, selling it for just $649, down from $749 (the Ronin-S was launched about a year-and-a-half ago as part of January’s CES 2018 event). Other members of the Ronin lineup of stabilized gimbals include the Ronin 2, designed to support DSRLs as well as full cinematic cameras and lenses up to 30 pounds.

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