mistake Walmart sale drone

Lucky drone pilots buy $18 DJI Spark drones after mistake Walmart sale

Update: a number of customers have reported that Walmart cancelled their orders. Some customers have indicated that they may pursue legal action. Did you buy a drone, and was your order cancelled? Email me at sally@thedronegirl.com to share your story!

It was a very lucky day for some drone pilots. A likely mistake on Walmart’s website led to some customers being able to order DJI Spark drones for less than $20.

Earlier today, Walmart’s online shop showed the DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone Quadcopter Fly More Combo on sale for just $17.99.

A screengrab of a successful DJI Spark order from the Walmart website, provided by lucky drone pilot and photographer Kara Murphy.

And that wasn’t all. Other deals included a (slightly more expensive) $24.99 DJI Mavic Pro kit, and a $42.99 DJI Inspire 2 Premium Combo with Zenmuse X5S. Other users reported picking up non-drone gear too, including Leica cameras and Sony a7rs.

mistake Walmart sale drone

One of those lucky pilots was top aerial photographer Kara Murphy, who ordered one for herself (which also included free shipping). She posted about the deal on the Commercial sUAS Remote Pilots Facebook group. Other users on that thread reported being able to order multiple drones with no issues, and Murphy received a confirmation email that her order was received and card was charged.

Michigan-based Murphy sells her award-winning aerial art online through her site, Aerial Print Shop.

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Ok, I know that portrait 4:5 is the ideal mode to go with for social posts. But there are some photos that can only work as a landscape. This image of the #lavenderlabyrinth in Shelby, Michigan, is one rare example. And, it was nominated for best drone photo of 2018 by @airvuz and a talented staff of judges representing @thedronegirl, @womenanddrones, @womenwhodrone, and more. I’d say spare me a vote but the competition is pretty phenomenal. Photos from the likes of @zekedrone and @abstractaerialart are also in the mix. So, as most people say, it’s honor enough to be in such stellar company. #aerialphotography #dji #djiglobal #djiphantom #drone #drones #dronebois #dronefly #dronegear #dronegram #dronelife #droneoftheday #droneofficial #fromwhereidrone #dronephotography #dronephoto #dronepic #dronepilots #dronepointofview #droneporn #dronesdaily #dronestagram #phantom4 #quadcopter #uas #phantom4pro #roamtheplanet #puremichigan #lexarfwidcontest

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Alas, all good things come to an end. The deal was only up for a brief period. Now, prices have reverted to standard Walmart pricing. Interestingly, many of the accidentally-discounted items are now out of stock.

For what it’s worth, The Drone Girl loves the DJI Spark, whether you’re viewing it with a $17.99 price tag or the standard $400 price tag. The Spark is one of DJI’s lowest-priced drones, but it still has incredible capabilities including gesture-control (or as I call it, Jedi Mind Tricks).

If you want your own DJI Spark, you’re best off ordering it from Amazon, where it was spotted for $325 (at the time of publication).


  • riley says:

    i bought one of these drones and received it in the mail. it was not a drone that i saw when i opened the box. instead it is a battery, presumably for an electric vehicle or fourwheeler or something. I don’t know what to do with this item not 🙁

    • Timothy Otto says:

      That sucks. Definitely return it/complain to walmart. They may refund you without even having to ship it back, if the return shipping is expensive.

  • Timothy Otto says:

    Any confirmation that these were actually shipped? I was lucky enough to get an order in for an Inspire 2, but my order is still in the stage “Preparing Order”.

    If anyone has actually gotten beyond that stage, like if they see their drone has been shipped, I’d love to know.

  • jeff says:

    just got an email from walmart cancelling my order

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