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Flybrix teaches kids how to build and fly drones with Legos

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Looking for a drone for your students or kids? San Francisco-based startup Flybrix has developed a way to teach students from grade school to grad school about drones using Legos.

Flybrix creates kits of Lego bricks alongside propellers, a LiPo battery and Flybrix’s pre-programmed flight board that can be turned into a working drone in about 15 minutes. It’s intended for people age 14 and up to build on their own, but can also be built by kids with some help with their parents.

Flybrix launched in 2014 as a company that was working on a flying selfie camera that could hover in place. The engineers used Legos in their prototyping process.

“We had this ‘aha’ moment,” said Holly Kasun, chief operating officer at Flybrix — who sometimes is referred to as the “chief fun officer.”

Soon enough, the Lego prototype became the product.

Flybrix COO Holly Kasun

The product fits perfectly into Kasun’s genealogy. She’s the daughter of a fifth grade teacher, and her grandfather has a PhD from Caltech and designed airplanes.

But Kasun says that while the drone is targeted at mostly junior high and high school students, everyone from young kids to professional engineers are using it.

“A younger student is going to start understanding a PCB and what sensors look like,” Kasun said. “They’ll be able to build a working vocabulary on topics related to electronics, physics and aerodynamics.”

And for students who master building the drone, they can then progress onto designing their own airframes. A Chrome extension also allows pilots to adjust settings and motor tune. Continue reading Flybrix teaches kids how to build and fly drones with Legos

How to make a flying, racing drone business card

You want to make a business card that stands out, right?

Marque Cornblatt, Founder and CEO of the Aerial Sports League has the coolest business card in town, and he wants to share it with the rest of us.

Cornblatt turned his business card into a tiny racing drone, complete with FPV. It’s made from one single 3D printed card and parts from a Blade Inductrix Micro Quad (you may know it as the Tiny Whoop).

And, at 22.6 grams, you won’t even have to register it!

Here’s how the drone business card is done:

You can download all the files to make your own right here on ASLCertified’s Thingiverse.

Own your drone (and paint it too)


I’ve seen a lot of drones, but very few personally painted drones!

I just put together this 3DR Y6 drone for a project at work, but once it was successfully put together according to the manual, I took it home for a fun project that is nowhere on the manual – painting!

Own your drone, and distinguish it from all the other drones when you’re out at meetups, or just happen to work in an offer where there are copters everywhere.


This first drone I painted was space inspired, fitting with the whole flying theme, right?

It was painted using nothing but nail polish!

See the picture below to see what it used to look like. Hopefully I don’t get trolled too hard for this, but that’s what you get when you go out on  a limb and own your drone.

Drone, pre-paint job

Plus I put it together myself, so I can do whatever I want with it, right?