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DJI drone arena: check out photos now that it’s open

The 15,000-square-foot DJI drone arena in Korea opened to the public on Wednesday.

The space is located just south of Seoul, South Korea, in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province and is equipped with safety nets, and an LED-lit circuit for pilots to fly through.

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It’s available for individuals to come in and fly for up to 3 hours for an admission fee of $13.50 per person.  It’s also available for corporate events. for $452 for 30 people and $27 per additional participant.  Continue reading DJI drone arena: check out photos now that it’s open

Drone Nationals results (and photos) — as seen on ESPN this weekend

The U.S. has a new top drone racing pilot.

Zachry “A_Nub” Thayer of Laguna Niguel, Calif., won the 2016 U.S. National Drone Racing Championships at Governors Island, New York this weekend.

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All photos courtesy of the Drone Sports Association

The competition  featured 150 drone pilots in the world. Over the last year, 1400 pilots attempted to qualify at 20 regional qualifiers across the country.

Here are the full Drone Nationals results:

  1. Zachry “A_Nub” Thayer
  2. Paul “Bulbufet” Nurkkala
  3. Christopher “M3” Wang

And for the first time ever, ESPN aired drone racing on its ESPN3 live-stream. Continue reading Drone Nationals results (and photos) — as seen on ESPN this weekend

The best drone photos of this year’s Dronestagram photo contest

The best drone photos out there just keep getting better and better.

Drone photography site announced the winners of its third annual International Drone Photography Contest.

Thousands of entries were submitted from everywhere in the world by both amateur and professional photographers.

The competition was judged on creativity and photographic quality by a panel of experts including National Geographic Deputy Director Patrick Witty as well as Emanuela Ascoli, Photo editor of National Geographic France and Dronestagram.

It’s crazy to see how much more intense the competition has gotten over the past few years. I love the shot “Moab Rock Climbing” by Maxseigal; I’m a rock climber myself and no how hard it is to master rock climbing photography, so it’s even more of a feat to do it with a drone.

Here are all the winners, and their winning drone photos:

Best Drone Travel Photography

1st Prize Winner – Category Travel: Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, Umbria, Italy by fcattutoBasilica-of-Saint-Francis-of-Assisi-Umbria-Italy-by-fcatutto

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Drones at Maker Faire 2016: photos, videos and more

2016 was the year of the drone at the Bay Area Maker Faire.

From the moment you walked in there was a huge drone tent filled with Aerial Sports League’s drone racing. In the back, there was a huge caged stage surrounding by fans watching drone combat.

With drone combat, two drones fight head to head in an arena with a goal of  knocking the opponent’s drone to the floor while avoiding your own drone hitting the floor.  Drones are creative engineered for defense and offensive, with cages around them for protection, or air shooters to blast nets at opposing drones.

I met old friends and new, including Zoe Stumbaugh, who is one of the world’s top FPV drone racers.

Drone racing is exploding worldwide, with drone racing coming to New York City in the Liberty Cup and the International Drone Racing Association airing on ESPN. But there is nothing like watching it live.

I snagged some images at Maker Faire to share with those of you who couldn’t be there. Happy flying!

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The 13 best drone photos of 2015

SkyPixel, DJI’s aerial photography community, announced the top drone images of 2015.

The winners were chosen out of 10,000 entries submitted from 146 countries to the two-month global competition.

Kirk Hille, SkyPixel

Pictured above is the year’s overall top photo, called “Surge,” and shot by Kirk Hille. Ken Geiger, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and a SkyPixel competition judge, said “Surge” offered “a unique viewpoint, lovely color and composition” and “made an emotional connection with me, making me wish to be part of the scene,” according to DJI.

And here are other winning photos:

First Prize, Professional Group: Beauty

Populus in the Fall: Hanbing Wang/SkyPixel
Populus in the Fall: Hanbing Wang/SkyPixel

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5 photos from drones (that were all taken by Drone Girls!)

Here are 5 stellar photos shot on a drone. This post’s theme? All the photos were taken by female pilots. They made some pretty bold images!

1. Bliss Dance

Photo/Stacy Garlington
Photo/Stacy Garlington

This photo by Stacy Garlington  captures an aerial view of “Bliss Dance” a 40ft. tall sculpture by artist Marco Cochran that stands on Treasure Island’s Great Lawn in San Francisco, Ca. Garlington captured this photo from above using her DJI Phantom 2 Vision + drone.

2. Happy in the Air

3. Lightning over Trinity

Photo/Jessika Farrar
Photo/Jessika Farrar

ASGaerial‘s Jessika Farrar got the timing just write on this image of lighting striking in Trinity, Florida.

4. Corte Chica

Photo/Loretta Alkalay
Photo/Loretta Alkalay


This photo was taken by Loretta Alkalay  in the Florida Keys. She claims to be “just a beginner,” but we beg to differ.

5. “My pic of the day!”

Photo/Jessica Culley
Photo/Jessica Culley

Drone’s-eye view: 4 stunning images of the earth in snow

Snow overload? Ready for summer already? Hold off! These snow pictures will make you feel better about the winter weather. The best part? They were all shot with a drone! Here are my top pictures of the week, taken with a drone!

Below is my top pick for Drone Snow photo, taken by DroneFlyer. Check out their website for tons more exceptional photos!

Photo by DroneFlyer

Davis Hunt, owner of ViewPoint Aviation, sent over these pictures he took with his DJI Phantom, flying over Lake Cochituate. See the complete set of his photos on his blog here.

Photo by Davis Hunt, Viewpoint Aviation
Photo by Davis Hunt, Viewpoint Aviation
Photo by Davis Hunt, Viewpoint Aviation

This fantastic photo came from Flickr member LizardOne.

Photo courtesy of LizardOne, Flickr
Photo courtesy of LizardOne, Flickr

Happy flying!