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5 photos from drones (that were all taken by Drone Girls!)

Here are 5 stellar photos shot on a drone. This post’s theme? All the photos were taken by female pilots. They made some pretty bold images!

1. Bliss Dance

Photo/Stacy Garlington
Photo/Stacy Garlington

This photo by Stacy Garlington  captures an aerial view of “Bliss Dance” a 40ft. tall sculpture by artist Marco Cochran that stands on Treasure Island’s Great Lawn in San Francisco, Ca. Garlington captured this photo from above using her DJI Phantom 2 Vision + drone.

2. Happy in the Air

3. Lightning over Trinity

Photo/Jessika Farrar
Photo/Jessika Farrar

ASGaerial‘s Jessika Farrar got the timing just write on this image of lighting striking in Trinity, Florida.

4. Corte Chica

Photo/Loretta Alkalay
Photo/Loretta Alkalay


This photo was taken by Loretta Alkalay  in the Florida Keys. She claims to be “just a beginner,” but we beg to differ.

5. “My pic of the day!”

Photo/Jessica Culley
Photo/Jessica Culley

Drone’s-eye view: 4 stunning images of the earth in snow

Snow overload? Ready for summer already? Hold off! These snow pictures will make you feel better about the winter weather. The best part? They were all shot with a drone! Here are my top pictures of the week, taken with a drone!

Below is my top pick for Drone Snow photo, taken by DroneFlyer. Check out their website for tons more exceptional photos!

Photo by DroneFlyer

Davis Hunt, owner of ViewPoint Aviation, sent over these pictures he took with his DJI Phantom, flying over Lake Cochituate. See the complete set of his photos on his blog here.

Photo by Davis Hunt, Viewpoint Aviation
Photo by Davis Hunt, Viewpoint Aviation
Photo by Davis Hunt, Viewpoint Aviation

This fantastic photo came from Flickr member LizardOne.

Photo courtesy of LizardOne, Flickr
Photo courtesy of LizardOne, Flickr

Happy flying!

Martha Stewart releases drone-generated images of her farm

They’re no fireworks, but Martha Stewart posted new pictures of her farm to her blog — and naturally they were taken with a drone.

The pictures were taken by one of her security detail, Dominic Arena, who recently purchased a DJI Phantom, Stewart wrote on her blog.

“These drone-like, radio controlled aircraft are lots of fun to play with and they take extraordinary photos,” she wrote. “However,  controlling them takes practice and getting used to.  Since my farm has lots of open fields, Dominic thought it would be the best place to get acquainted with his new toy.”

See more photos and read the rest of her post over on her blog.

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6 incredible photos that are proof drones will revolutionize photography

It’s that time for 6 stunning drone photos that will a) make you wish you had a drone b) make you want to go take pictures outside with your drone c) drool out of amazement.



Very few drone photos get above the clouds, but here’s a stunning one by Carl Jones called “A Break in the Cloud.”



This one by Scott MacBride is titled Face Down Tuesday. Thumbs up!


Drones love surfing! And we love this one by Laurent_Imagery.


The town of Maastricht, The Netherlands, by Robert Huberts.


Here’s one more by Robert Huberts.


Oat Vaiyaboon took this photo during a visit along The Great Ocean Road in Australia. This photo was taken at 12 Apostles Coastal Reserve — the last stop (and during a gorgeous sunset).

5 stunning images captured by other drones

I’ve always loved Flickr since I got my first camera, a Nikon d40 (ok, I used to have this awesome Polaroid as a kid), and these days Flickr is filled with awesome photos captured by neither dSLRs nor Polaroid — but from drones!

Below are five fantastic photos I found from my frequent browsing of Flickr. I didn’t take any of these photos; I’m just honored to share them here. Do you know someone who took an awesome photo from a drone? Send it to me, and I’ll post it here!

This first photo comes from Andrew Trice. I love the light, and the soft, flowing patterns of the houses seems like it follows the patterns of the sky, which makes for some beautiful composition!

The next photo I chose by Miquel Martorell is awesome just because of the pure risk factor it took to take this photo. First, the pilot probably had to get to where that lighthouse, which is no small feat in itself, and then they had to fly over that water — no room for error! But it shows us a cool scene of a landscape that would be hard to see any other way since the lighthouse is surrounded by water. If you had the chance to shoot this photo again, I would love to see it done at Golden Hour to get a little less harsh lighting. Still beautiful! Continue reading 5 stunning images captured by other drones

Drone footage shows empty Crystal Cove cottages

CrystalCove17 empty, faded, rickety cottages sit on the beach. They’re situated at a prime real estate location, but renovating them would be starting over from scratch.

Neighbors had lived in the cottages since the 1920s and 30s, but after a series of state purchases, plans to build a resort and costly restoration bills, the cottages have remained empty since the residents were evicted in 2001.

This photo, as captured by my drone, shows the state of the cottages today.  The cottages could cost $20 million to repair.

Reporter Nicole Shine at the OC Register outlines the future of Crystal Cove here.