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Winning video in AirVūz weekly contest took five years to make

The winning video in this week’s AirVūz Drone Video of the Week contest went into production before “Mavic” was a word in our vocabulary.

Mexican drone pilot Tarsicio Sañudo spent five years creating the winning video called “Mexico: a trip of 5 years“, which was shot in more than 30 different locations around Mexico, including its coastlines, festivals, skylines and natural wonders.

Since the course of filming was over such a long time-span (especially in drone years!), Sañudo’s equipment matured a lot too. His film was shot on a total of six drones — all made by DJI: the Phantom 1, Phantom 2, Flame Wheel F450, Inspire 1, Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 Pro.

Earlier this month, drone video sharing platform AirVūz launched a “Drone Video of the Week” contest, where one video maker is chosen each week to win $1,000. All drone videos uploaded to AirVū are eligible to win, and the contest’s ending date is still indefinite.

Here’s how the contest works: five videos are chosen each week by the AirVūz staff. Out of those five, fans will have the chance to vote each week between Monday and Wednesday to choose the final winner. Winning videos will be announced every Friday. Winners are eligible to re-enter every week, which means the contest could be a lucrative career for the most talent of the drone video makers out there.

The other four finalist videos this week were The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Sri Lanka,” “Mystic Iceland,” “My First Year of Filmmaking” and “EPIC Lofoten Islands in Winter.”

AirVūz spokesperson Tyler Mason told that videos are judged on qualities including quality of footage, piloting skills, editing techniques and music choice.

AirVūz is no stranger to hosting video contests. The social network also holds an annual video contest. See 2017’s winners here.


You could win $1,000 — every week — for your awesome drone footage

Have an amazing drone video? You could get a huge payday for it.

AirVūz, a drone video sharing social network, is hosting a drone video contest every week, and $1,000 is up for grabs.

The contest is dubbed the “Drone Video of the Week” contest, where one video maker will be chosen each week to win $1,000.

All drone videos uploaded to AirVū are eligible to win. The contest begins Monday, April 2, and the contest’s ending date is still indefinite.

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Watch Drone Girl on Ready Set Drone

I spent this week chatting with one of my favorite drone YouTube channels — Ready Set Drone!

We talk more than just drones, including how to create a social media following (Instagram — yikes!). We also talk about my latest event in partnership with the Intel Drone Light Show team, evangelizing drones and making a positive difference in the world of drones.

Ready Set Drone is a seriously informative YouTube channel. If you’re looking for great video content, then I highly recommend. Of course, please subscribe to mine too!

See the best drone videos of 2017, according to AirVūz

Drone video sharing site AirVūz scoured the world in search of 2017’s best drone video. The results are in, and the best drone videos of 2017 are really something else.

Moscow Aerial 5K by Russian drone pilot was voted the Drone Video of the Year, while Paul Nurkkala won the FPV (First-Person View) Video of the Year for NURK’s Flight of the Year.

The five finalists for best drone video of 2017 were selected by AirVūz staff from 13 different categories, including People, Cities, Countries, Landscape, Freestyle FPV, Drone Racing, Tiny Whoop, Animals (including pets), Dronies (selfies taken with a drone), Sports, Originality, Reels and Photo. From there, all AirVūz community members could vote for which finalists they thought were the best of the best. Continue reading See the best drone videos of 2017, according to AirVūz

DJI Mavic Air unboxing video: here’s what it looks like inside

I’m normally not into unboxing videos, but I am SO in love with the DJI Mavic Air that I had to do it. This is definitely a drone that I legitimately want to buy myself, so if you’re anything like me — you’ll want to know what’s inside when you buy!

Here’s my DJI Mavic Air unboxing video. Want even more Mavic Air? Check out my full review of the drone here!

The Mavic Air launched today as DJI’s best drone yet, with a 4K camera, new QuickShot modes and SmartCapture for easier, more intelligent photo and video capturing, and FlightAutonomy 2.0 with Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems, intended to make flights safer.

This hypnotizing drone video showcases a little-known video technique. Here’s how it’s done.

Drones were revolutionary for their ability to show a perspective our eyes were never-before used to seeing.

But filmmakers Phil Pastuhov and Ian Montgomery continue to up the game with new techniques that continue to make those aerial perspectives even more interesting.

The filmmaking duo released an art piece using DJI’s new X7 camera called “The Dying Of The Light.”

The technique illuminates the subject while placing it in a completely dark sky, giving it the appearance of a 3D-model while confusing the viewers with a unique sense of perspective and scale.

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So how do they do it? Continue reading This hypnotizing drone video showcases a little-known video technique. Here’s how it’s done.

TEDx: Dr. Catherine Ball on how drones can close the critical gap in equality

Can drones help solve the gap in gender equality?

Here’s the argument for how drones can help make that change.

Drones are egalitarian and accessible — you don’t need a degree to fly them, they can be purchased at a relatively low cost from Amazon, and they can be used in a variety of industry.

Yet there are still massive differences in the narrative of drones when it comes to men vs. women.

Drones aimed at children are gender-biased. They often end up in the “boy toys” section, and drones targeted at girls are marketed with things like Barbies. One of the world’s largest drone races is being held in one of the world’s most unfriendly countries toward women. And it’s not uncommon to see drone conferences where the speaker lineup is all-male.

But that’s about to change.

Thought leader, entrepreneur and drone expert Dr Catherine Ball gave a speech at this year’s TEDxMelbourne about how teaching girls about science and technology is important and is the critical gap to equality in not only how we view girls but how we think about ourselves as humanity.

Watch it below:

Ball is an author, founder, and ethics advocate working across global projects where robotics and new technology meet environmental protection. She is the co-founder of SheFlies, which hosts drone events in schools for children around the country of Australia (and SheFlies is expanding outside of Australia too!). She also created the World of Drones Congress in Australia.

The best drone films of 2017, according to FRiFF

The Flying Robot international Drone Film Festival — also known as FRiFF — came to San Francisco this week for its third year in a row, and the winning films just keep getting better.

The film festival played at the Roxie Theater in the city’s Mission District, showing 25 films across eight categories.

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This year’s videos are seriously brilliant. With the best in show winner, 2D run, I can’t tell which is more impressive — the drone filming or the athletes featured. Continue reading The best drone films of 2017, according to FRiFF