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DJI Zenmuse X7: this is the 6k camera all filmmakers need

DJI’s newest camera, the DJI Zenmuse X7, is blowing all other camera drones out of the water.

The Chinese dronemaker, which sprung to fame for its ready to fly, GoPro-carrying drone, the Phantom, today announced the DJI Zenmuse X7.

It’s a Super 35 digital film camera optimized for professional aerial cinematography, designed to work with the DJI Inspire 2 drone.

The Drone Girl hinted at the Zenmuse X7’s launch last month when we interviewed Hollywood filmmaker Phil Pastuhov, but it’s finally here. Continue reading DJI Zenmuse X7: this is the 6k camera all filmmakers need

VSDC Video Editor Pro is giving away free Pro licenses to Drone Girl community

How many of you, guys, use advanced video editing software to fix drone footage? As you record more videos, you might want to have a more serious approach to post-production.

We’ve partnered with VSDC Video Editor PRO – a video editing program for Windows – to show how to improve what you might consider a good shot into a better one.

And there is an even more awesome piece of news! You can get VSDC PRO annual license for free in a special promo arranged exclusively for The Drone Girl community, and it’s valid for a week. Continue reading VSDC Video Editor Pro is giving away free Pro licenses to Drone Girl community

The 3rd annual FRiFF drone film festival is coming this November to San Francisco

The 3rd annual Flying Robot international Film Festival (FRiFF) returns to San Francisco’s Roxie Cinema on Thursday, Nov. 16.

Flying Robot is a short film festival focused on aerial cinema created from the perspective of drones.

Have you got a video worthy of winning? Submissions for the 2017 festival are now being accepted, and festival participation is open to anyone around the world.

To enter, submit a film that is less than five minutes long by the deadline on Sept. 18. Films should primarily be shot from the perspective of a drone, though they do not need to exclusively contain aerial footage. And of course, the film festival isn’t simply looking for pretty shots, but rather films that tell a story.

“We’re not interested in seeing what your backyard looks like, unless your backyard is full of alligators or kangaroos or something.” according to the organizers. “Judges will shine favorably upon films with a good story.

Continue reading The 3rd annual FRiFF drone film festival is coming this November to San Francisco

Eclipse 2017: the best eclipse photos taken by a drone

A total solar eclipse crossed the United States on Monday, bringing people outside in full force to watch the historic event.

Also out in full force? The drones.

Many drone pilots put their drones in the skies to document the first total solar eclipse to cross the nation since 1918, which carved a “path of totality” from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina.

Here were some of the best images taken by drone pilots: Continue reading Eclipse 2017: the best eclipse photos taken by a drone

The best Instagram drone video ever just came from…Jeff Bezos?

This is a modified version of a story originally written for Read the whole story here.

The winner of the best drone video ever on Instagram may be…Jeff Bezos?

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos recently joined Instagram, and his first ever post was shot by a drone. The drone video shows the Blue Origin’s New Glenn rocket production facility in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Blue Origin is an aerospace manufacturer founded in 2000 by Bezos that is developing technologies to send people to space at relatively low costs. New Glenn is the company’s reusable orbital launch vehicle , expected to make its initial launch test before 2020.

Bezos’s Instagram video begins with an aerial view, then pans in towards the building, ending with a photo of Bezos sitting on the roof holding a sign that says “ROCKET FACTORY COMING SOON.”
Bezos in February said he was “hopeful” that Blue Origin will begin offering trips for paying customers next year, adding that “I’m super optimistic” there will be a large market for such 11-minute thrill rides in a fully automated capsule offering views of the earth from the edge of space.

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The competition for DJI’s SkyPixel video contest is heating up

Didn’t get a chance to enter the 2017 Dronestagram contest before the winners were announced? There are still three major drone video contests accepting entries.

SkyPixel, an aerial photography community run in cooperation with DJI, is holding its own contest — this one an aerial videography contest. The deadline to enter is August 2.

There are three categories: Nature, City, and Sport.  There’s also a People’s Choice Prize for the top ten most liked videos. Submissions should not be longer than five minutes and should include at least 30 seconds of aerial footage. And while the contest is hosted by DJI, videos captured from any type of aerial platform are welcome.

Prizes include a DJI Inspire 2 Premium ComboNikon D750 Body + 24-70 mm VR 2.8 Lens, a DJI Mavic Pro Fly More ComboDJI Spark and more.

The contest has received more than 700 entries so far, and to give you a sense of the competition, the organizers have already revealed some of the shots that are in the running.

Here are some of the best videos yet (click the hyperlink to watch): Continue reading The competition for DJI’s SkyPixel video contest is heating up

See the 3rd Annual NYC Drone Film Festival nominees

You saw the best drone photos of 2016. Now get ready for the best drone videos of 2016.
Nominations have been announced for the 3rd Annual New York City Drone Film Festival, the world’s first and largest film festival dedicated to works filmed by drones.
“(The films) take us to far-away places, examine social issues like climate change and the Dakota Pipeline, and riff on pop culture,” said Randy Scott Slavin, founder and festival director. “One of them even features a team of drones making a cake. With films originating everywhere from the ocean to the desert to the skate park, the 2017 festival is our most diverse one yet.”

The festival will be held March 17-19, 2017 at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts and the Liberty Science Center.  The Best in Show winner at the 2017 New York City Drone Film Festival will receive $75,000 worth of camera and drone gear from Freefly and RED.

Here’s a list of the 2017 NYC Drone Film Festival nominees (some of which you may have seen at the Flying Robot International Film Festival in November 2016):

Drone Star Wars
Corridor Digital (USA)
The Mountain Within
Philippe Woodtli (Switzerland)
Yan Giroux (Canada)
Mixed Motion Project
Ilko Iliev and Marin Kafedjiiski (Bulgaria)
Caos en la ciudad
Roberto Hernández (Mexico)
Tim Sessler (USA)
#NoDAPL: Drones Monitor North Dakota Police
Shadi Rahimi (USA)
Manabi 7.8
Juan Fernando Rojas (Ecuador)
Beauty & Bounty
Doug Armknecht (USA)
An Aerial Perspective of Nordland
Michael Fletcher (Australia)
Jay Worsley (USA)
Caspar Mazzotti (Australia)
Frédéric Rousseau (France)
Eric Sterman (USA)
Cala d’en Serra – Drone Parkour
Giles Campbell Longley and Kie Willis (United Kingdom)
Doonies 3: A Drone’s Eye View
Jake Yubeta (USA)
Drone Free Style
Rafael Paiva (USA)
Stone Eagle’s Flight
Gabriel Kocher (Switzerland)
One Night in Atlanta
Johnny Schaer (USA)
Fresh Squeeze
Robert McIntosh (USA)
Joris Favraud (France)
David Etienne Durivage (Canada)
From Inside to Outside
Stephane Aboudaram (France)
Drone Cake Baking
Lucas Zanotto (Norway)
Light in Motion
Daniel Riley and Henning Sandstrom (USA)
Dron’t You Love Me?
Madeleine Dudley (Australia)
Cape Town Dronie
Matthew Wade (USA)
A Man (Almost Two) and a Dog
Mauro Pagliai (Italy)
Family Island
Florian Fischer (Germany)
Skynamic Pilot Reel 2017
Skynamic (Germany)
KopterCam 2017 Showreel
Koptercam (Finland)
ThisIsTilt Showreel 2017
Tilt (Norway)
Climate Change Claims a Lake and an Identity
Josh Haner/The New York Times (USA)
Kim on the Rocks
Karim Iliya (USA)
Lost in Foliage
Dirk Dallas (USA)
Sea and Salt
Wellington Rodrigues (Germany)
The Tree of Life
Michael Bishop (USA)
Drone Runner
Gerard Juarez (USA

Continue reading See the 3rd Annual NYC Drone Film Festival nominees

IDE 2016: here’s what you missed

The third annual International Drone Expo (IDE 2016) at the Los Angeles Convention Center saw not just a drone conference, but a drone race too.

53 of the world’s top drone racers competed. The pilots battled each other on an extremely tight and technical course, with multiple gates and a huge structure fly around.

Didn’t make it to the International Drone Expo?

Ken “FlyingBear” Loo from San Francisco ultimately won the race. 2nd place went to 11-year-old Ashton “Drobot Racer” Gamble, and third place went to Jarod Rhodehunter Rhodes.

It’s not often you get to go to a conference and get a drone race on top of it, but it is a great reminder why we’re all here – for the fun of drones!

I also checked out the show floor, which had some pretty crazy new things, including a human carrying drone. It basically looks like a motorcycle mounted on a massive drone.

I also led the women in drones panel with some fabulous trailblazers in the industry.

See you next year Los Angeles. Happy flying!