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Haunting drone footage shows a rare glimpse of Chernobyl today

A fire and explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear plant on April 26, 1986 led to the world’s worst nuclear accident.

30 years later, a drone has captured video of the nearby city of Pripyat and the nuclear facility, which are both still uninhabitable due to high radiation levels.

The video was shot by Philip Grossman of ExploringTheZone, a former architect who grew up about 11 miles from the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania, which had a partial meltdown in 1979. He was in third grade when the accident at that plant happened.

“It left an indelible mark on my interest in nuclear power and engineering in general,” Grossman wrote on his website. “With that experience always in the back of my head…and then I learned that my ancestors’ last stop in Europe before emigrating to America in the beginning of the 1900s was the Ukraine…it seemed like an obvious decision. I should document the Chernobyl Nuclear Zone.”

Grossman made six expeditions to the area in order to complete the project, and spent 100 days there total.

The drone shows a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, churches and homes. It also depicts the symbol of the former Soviet Union, the hammer and sickle, standing rusted atop an apartment block.

An aerial view of the Port of Oakland

There are thousands of drone videos out there any I couldn’t possibly share all of them. But since I’m from Berkeley, Calif., the next-door neighbor to Oakland, this one is worth a share.

As posted by Eddie Codel, “The Port of Oakland is the fifth busiest container port in the US. Here’s what it looks like when container cargo is unloaded from ships by massive cranes. Be sure the watch in fantastic 4K UHD.”

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5 prefixes that you would never think belong with drones

One of the most common debates we hear in the drone industry is whether or not we should even call these things drones. It’s intimidating! Drones are so militaristic! It has a negative connotation!

Well, these drones don’t have the word drone in their names. Instead, they have delightful words like ‘Taco’ and ‘Cat’. Take a look at 5 drones (ranging from cute to creepy) that give new meaning to the name:

This Tacocopter.

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Behind-the-scenes: flying drones over a volcano eruption

Happy Saturday!

In case you missed it, here’s a throwback to last month’s debut episode of their series “DJI Feats.” DJI’s Director of Aerial Imaging, Eric Cheng, takes you behind-the-scenes of an Icelandic expedition to the Bardarbunga volcanic eruption.

The video shows how quadcopters can capture images of exploding magma caldera too dangerous to be approached by manned aircraft. Where else can a drone take you?

Drone captures slack lining

You thought flying your drone over water was nerve-wracking?

You know, how you risk a mistake that could send your fancy equipment to a past-the-point-of-no-return state of never being able to be repaired? Well, try something 100x scarier. These daredevils slack-lined over the cliffs in Hong Kong. Now, that scary stunt has been captured by a drone.

Watch the video from DJI, shot on a S800 EVO and Sony 5N.