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5 prefixes that you would never think belong with drones

One of the most common debates we hear in the drone industry is whether or not we should even call these things drones. It’s intimidating! Drones are so militaristic! It has a negative connotation!

Well, these drones don’t have the word drone in their names. Instead, they have delightful words like ‘Taco’ and ‘Cat’. Take a look at 5 drones (ranging from cute to creepy) that give new meaning to the name:

This Tacocopter.

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Behind-the-scenes: flying drones over a volcano eruption

Happy Saturday!

In case you missed it, here’s a throwback to last month’s debut episode of their series “DJI Feats.” DJI’s Director of Aerial Imaging, Eric Cheng, takes you behind-the-scenes of an Icelandic expedition to the Bardarbunga volcanic eruption.

The video shows how quadcopters can capture images of exploding magma caldera too dangerous to be approached by manned aircraft. Where else can a drone take you?

Drone captures slack lining

You thought flying your drone over water was nerve-wracking?

You know, how you risk a mistake that could send your fancy equipment to a past-the-point-of-no-return state of never being able to be repaired? Well, try something 100x scarier. These daredevils slack-lined over the cliffs in Hong Kong. Now, that scary stunt has been captured by a drone.

Watch the video from DJI, shot on a S800 EVO and Sony 5N.

The Rise of the Drones

Will drones become a part of our everyday lives? For your Monday enjoyment, here’s an online-video stream of PBS Nova’s special program, Rise of the Drones.


What did you think of the episode? Accurate? Fair? Leave a comment below!

This drone video isn’t for those afraid of heights

This video is taking dronies to new heights, quite literally.

Shot by Deyvisson Bastos at the Devil’s Needle in Brazil, this video will take you on a monstrous and dramatic journey over a 6,725 foot climb in the beautiful Serra dos Órgãos national park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Check it out!

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