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Drone flight over Balboa Island

If there’s always money in the banana stand, then I want to fly over it with a drone. That’s why I went to Balboa Island early in the morning, when no one was out, to explore the island via my DJI Phantom. Check out what I saw, from my drone’s bird’s-eye view!

Huge thanks to my friends over at Wild Pilots for being my copilots on this shoot, as well as DJ/Producer Greg Krish for the awesome soundtrack.

Video: Fire fuels prairie revival

More videos are coming soon, but to old you over, here is an uncovered relic from Drone Girl’s past:

I didn’t always fly under Drone Girl moniker. When I first got into drones, it was as photographer for the Missouri School of Journalism’s drone journalism program, the first of its kind in the nation, where footage captured from the drone was used for NPR-member station KBIA.

This footage is shot by my former colleague Brendan Gibbons, and produced and edited by yours truly. It goes to show the scope of images that a drone can capture. Imagine a fire that starts too quickly for a helicopter to deploy, or that is too hot or dangerous to send a helicopter over. In order to capture video of the fire, a drone is a relatively easy and cheap alternative, allowing us to see the direction of the fire and its size from a safe, aerial vantage point. Continue reading Video: Fire fuels prairie revival

First EVER video: flying over O’Neill Park

I’m so excited to announce the release of my first video! It’s pretty basic (Drone Girl is pretty lo-tech, operating off a beater 2010 MacBook with a broken keyboard and made using iMovie). But I’m proud to have put together something, especially since that was one of my goals, as stated in my latest Flight Diary.

This video was shot entirely using my GoPro and Drone, and I basically just flew around the park, trying to get a variety of shots. Please comment with your thoughts and suggestions!

Video shot, produced and edited by Sally French, with music provided through Free Music Archive by Podington Bear.