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Book review: art photography reaches new heights in visual tour of Baltimore

DroneArtBaltimore_smallDrones and art.

It’s an unlikely combination in a world where mainstream media is saturated with stories of how drones kill and spy on people.

But Baltimore couple Terry and Belinda Kilby have taken their unlikely combination of talents — software engineering and teaching visual arts in public school — to bring new meaning to the mainstream idea of a drone.

Drone Art: Baltimore” is the title of the first book by the couple, which together goes by the name Elevated Element. And, it’s the first ever compilation of photos in a published book generated completely by a drone.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 5.28.21 PMThe book is a visual tour of Baltimore, with photos ranging from famous landmarks like the Concord Point Light to the Mr Boh sign in Brewers Hill — aerial perspectives of landmarks any tourist would see on a trip to Baltimore. Continue reading Book review: art photography reaches new heights in visual tour of Baltimore

5 stunning images captured by other drones

I’ve always loved Flickr since I got my first camera, a Nikon d40 (ok, I used to have this awesome Polaroid as a kid), and these days Flickr is filled with awesome photos captured by neither dSLRs nor Polaroid — but from drones!

Below are five fantastic photos I found from my frequent browsing of Flickr. I didn’t take any of these photos; I’m just honored to share them here. Do you know someone who took an awesome photo from a drone? Send it to me, and I’ll post it here!

This first photo comes from Andrew Trice. I love the light, and the soft, flowing patterns of the houses seems like it follows the patterns of the sky, which makes for some beautiful composition!

The next photo I chose by Miquel Martorell is awesome just because of the pure risk factor it took to take this photo. First, the pilot probably had to get to where that lighthouse, which is no small feat in itself, and then they had to fly over that water — no room for error! But it shows us a cool scene of a landscape that would be hard to see any other way since the lighthouse is surrounded by water. If you had the chance to shoot this photo again, I would love to see it done at Golden Hour to get a little less harsh lighting. Still beautiful! Continue reading 5 stunning images captured by other drones