Drone Pilot Ground School: save $50 using coupon code DroneGirl50

Still haven’t taken the FAA Part 107 test?

Drone operators with existing Part 61 pilot certificates can bypass the in-person, written exam and instead take an online course. But for drone operators without that, they’ll have to take the test at an FAA-approved knowledge testing center.

And that test is definitely something you’ll need to study for.tav coach drone pilot ground school

My friends at UAV Coach’s Drone Pilot Ground School, which I happen to be using myself, are offering $50 off their online training course. For a one-time fee of $299 (or $249 using this link) you will get access to 30+ lectures, practice quizzes, and five different practice tests.

Simply use this link for the savings to automatically be added, or use Drone Pilot Ground School coupon code DRONEGIRL50.

Not sure what to expect on the test? Here are some Part 107 FAQs, including how to find your local testing center, test fees, sample questions and more.

Happy studying!

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