fpv drone parts

VTX? PDB? ESC’s? A simple and comprehensive guide to all the FPV drone parts

Drones are complicated enough. There are rules to follow, registrations to be done and undone and done again, there’s learning how to fly it, and then there’s deciphering all the components of a drone.

And those components can quickly turn into a pretty messy alphabet soup.

Drone  Nodes came up with a handy infographic that makes at least one aspect of FPV drones a little less complicated — deciphering all the parts that make up a drone.

That graphic is part of a larger, 11,000+ comprehensive guide to everything that goes into building an FPV drone.

The guide includes handy definitions of many of the complicated acronyms in the FPV world.

PDB? That stands for power distribution board, which is used to connect electronics to the battery voltage. That and more is explained in the guide below.

Here’s your drone anatomy guide:fpv drone parts


  • Thank you so much for this guide on drone parts. My friend keeps talking to me about his drone and I’ve no idea what half the words he says means. I like drones and want to get into it myself so I figured I would learn what I can. Your diagram that you have included of drone anatomy is awesome as well. I’ll have to study this a bit more and then chat with my friend about possibly building my own.

  • Michael says:

    I’m complete beginner and this is exactly what I need to get started. The guide really helped me alot to understand all the parts that goes when building a drone and walkthrough the build process. Thank’s!

  • Jill Roberts says:

    That is great info-graphic. I am on the market for one. Just read several of your reviews – that’s helped.Will wait for some Thanksgiving deals.

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